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Cristiano Ronaldo's tricks in many cases are unpredictable

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 Messi is fast, unforgiving and painfully good. He can run at (and completely destroy) defences like not one other but as I said before, his FIFA 16 Coins PC style is usually straightforward and effective instead of flamboyant. But that's not a bad thing whatsoever, he's a record great in the tender chronilogical age of 24 in the end!Date of Birth:

5 February 1985Best Skill:Stepovers The Portuguese wizard is probably probably the most complete player within the world however the highlight of his performances (alongside his speed) is unquestionably the way in which he dances around using the ball.Cristiano Ronaldo's tricks in many cases are unpredictable and sharp, possessing raw beauty.

For me, although I am a Real Madrid supporter, he's performed the majority of his best and incredibly creative tricks wearing a Manchester United jersey. He plays a little safer and for that team now but nonetheless uses lots of tricks and skills that confuse, beat or rip apart the very best defenders within the world!Date of Birth: 21 March 1980Best Skill: ElasticoThe former two time FIFA World Player from the Year's best assets are his ball control, agility and skill.