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Cristiano ronaldo has a trademark "tomahawk" free kick

Submitted by letsfifa on Wed, 09/16/2015 - 00:25

Cristiano ronaldo has a trademark "tomahawk" free kick, but the buy fifa coins Portuguese star did not rank buy fifa 16 coins among the 10 free-kick takers FIFA16 football game, in fact, cristiano ronaldo in the past two seasons had neither foot free kick goal scoring of embarrassment, his free-kick in the near future is not satisfactory. 's shape in Manchester united's successor, she entered the top 10, Dutch international ranks sixth in the list, the eredivisie league last season, DE palin a total of seven free kick score directly, and how big will Royce was ranked 10th.
Al of konya sports class - Mr Mei, trabzon sports base, kom el's three little-known player has entered the top 10 ranks.
Attached FIFA16 ten free-kick takers:
10. Royce (borussia Dortmund)
Class 9. Al - mei ha (konya sports)
8. Mr Base odd (trabzon sports)
7. El mu (kom.)
6. DE palin (Manchester united)
5. Lionel messi (Barcelona)
4. Arango (Tijuana)
3. Yunus zc has (Bremen)
2. Andrea pirlo (New York)
1. Child oulu khan (bayer leverkusen)