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A Creative View on Trademark Registration for a Company

The Indian government made the GST tax or the Goods and Services Tax mandatory from 2017. The GST is a very important tax to be paid by businesses and the efficiency of paying GST increases the businesses efficiency. To rate how efficient businesses are in paying their GST dues, the Government of India has introduced the GST compliance rating. The GST compliance rating helps other businesses find out how a particular business is compliant in paying its GST dues and in turn find out the ease of doing business with that organization. This score will be calculated based on parameters such as timely filing of monthly and annual returns, furnishing details of input credits used, taxes paid, etc. Company Registration In Jaipur
GST Returns Filings
The GST returns are filed by using the web portal. There are four types of GST returns like state government GST, central government GST, union territory GST, and Integrated GST. GST needs to be filed for the following purposes:
SalesPurchasesOutput GST on salesInput tax credit with GST paid on the purchase
GSTR 9-C Reconciliation Statement
GSTR 9-C is a necessary audit for every business or individual whose turnover exceeds more than 2 crores in revenue. The audit needs to be done by a Chattered Accountant or a cost accountant. Along with the GSTR 9C audit form, the taxpayer will also have to fill up the reconciliation statement along with the certification of an audit.
GSTR 2B Reconciliation
The GSTR 2B Reconciliation is an auto drafted Input Tax Credit statement that is generated on the 12th of every month. The GSTR 2B reconciliation is generated on a monthly basis and aims to simplify ITC claims for registered taxpayers.
TDS Returns
TDS was introduced by the government of India to collect tax from every source of income. As per this concept, a person who is liable to make payment of specified nature to any other person shall deduct tax at source and remit the same into the account of the Central Government.
Income Tax ReturnsThe Income Tax Return or ITR is a form which contains the information regarding the person’s income and the taxes to be paid by the person during the financial year. The ITR must be filed every year and the minimum income slab to be eligible for ITR is rupees 2,50,000.
Company Annual Returns & Compliances
A Company Annual Return is a document that contains details of a company’s share capital, indebtedness, directors, shareholders, changes in dictatorships, corporate governance disclosures etc. A company must file its annual return within sixty days of its Annual General Meeting or the AGM.Compliance means following the provisions of law applicable to a person or an entity. Every entity or organization is governed by the law applicable and which it needs to follow to the spirit.
Audit and Assurance Working
Audit and Assurance workis the review of the financial systems of companies to assure that their records are accurate and honest, and to assess and identify where financial risks may exist.Audit and assurance workers are hired by companies to make sure that there is no irregularities in their financial dealings.
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