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Consider the Size of the Apartment When Getting a Pet

There are some apartments who will allow you to bring along a pet to live in the home with you. But even when this is allowed, you need to think through the decision and make sure that you are able to have enough room for the pet and that this pet is able to live comfortably in the apartment as well. One thing to consider when it comes to bringing a pet to the apartment with you is whether the unit is big enough.
Always choose a pet who will be comfortable in the apartment building, no matter what floor you are on. Most of the time, picking an apartment on one of the lower floors will be easier for those with dogs. They won’t bother the people under them as much when they run around and it is much easier to take them out for a walk or when they need to go to the bathroom. The fewer stairs you need to deal with, the easier it can be to have a dog.
It is possible to live on the top floor with a pet as well. If you do live on the top floor, make sure there is a secure balcony that you can use to help prevent accidents if you are not able to get down the stairs. Consider the size of the apartment and the size of the dog as well. A large dog like a St. Bernard, will not do that well in a small studio apartment, for example.
The last thing to focus on here is the noise policy for the apartment. If you have a dog breed that is going to bark quite a bit, it is going to make things uncomfortable for the other tenants and can get you kicked out. Go for a quiet breed so you do not end up with a big mess on your hands and an angry landlord.
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