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The complete guide to bar and counter height stool

Submitted by Samthdseo1 on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 09:56

When installing or
designing a bar, hotel, restaurant or cafe, you may need a series of bar stools
to provide ample seating (and complement your interior décor). At UHS Group, a
leading furniture supplier to the hospitality industry, we recognize that choosing
a high stool will bring many decisions. This guide gives you recommendations on
comfort, design, height, and details the recommended number of bar stools per foot of floor space.
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1 - Backless

Wooden Bar stools and counter
stools either have backs (like ordinary dining chairs) or have no backs. If you
have a small footprint, halter stools are great because they can fit completely
under the counter and don't take up extra floor space when not in use. However,
they are not comfortable sitting for longer periods of time. So if the counter
is your only eating space, the backless stool may not provide the postural
support you need. There are various shapes and styles of backrest stools. Some
have a low back and only provide lumbar support, while others have a full, high
back similar to a dining chair.


2 - Arm Rests

Like a dining
chair, the stool has armrests or not, and whatever option you choose is really
a matter of personal preference. As you can imagine, the armrest can only be
used on a stool with a back. Armrests tend to bring a more formal vibe to your
space and provide more comfort when sitting for long periods of time. However,
they make it more difficult for you to slide up and down on the stool, which is
why stools with armrests are not suitable for tight spaces.


3 - Foot Rests

Don't you like to
dangle your feet? Consider a stool with a built-in footrest. Some stools even
have multiple bars, which can accommodate people of different heights. This is
a great feature if you have all kinds of people using them. Other stools
without a "formal" footrest also have a horizontal bar, which can
definitely be used as a footrest. Having this function will make you feel more
comfortable, especially when you are sitting for a long time.


4 - Stackable

Although not that
common, some stools are stackable so they can easily snap together. If you
don't use stools year-round and want them to be easy to store at the end of the
season, this is a great option - this is an important consideration for outdoor
bar areas!


5 - Good quality wood

Wood is a very
durable material and one of the most popular choices for bar stools. Also, depending on the stain or surface treatment, your
style may differ. Lighter, more natural finishes are suitable for coastal,
rustic, or Scandinavian style spaces, while white wood stools can feel more
like cottage-style things, while darker stains will seem like a more
traditional atmosphere. Wooden stools also come in many different shapes and
styles, which have a huge impact on the style of the space they can work in.
Because this is a harder material, some people choose to add cushions on the wooden bar stools to increase comfort.