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Choosing the Right O-Ring Material for Your Application

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How Do O-Rings Work?
An O-ring, also known as a packing or a toric junction, is a torus-shaped mechanical gasket; it is a round-cross-sectioned elastomer loop meant to be seated in a groove and squeezed during assembly between two or more pieces, producing a seal at the interface. Determine the Operational Conditions: Identify the temperature range, pressure, and chemical exposure that the O-ring will be subjected to during operation. Make sure to account for the highest and lowest temperatures, as well as the maximum and minimum. 
Different Types of O Rings
Viton O Rings - Viton O Rings, sometimes referred to as packing or toric joints, are designed for industrial use and are effective even under the most difficult circumstances. Both static and dynamic applications are compatible with using it.
Silicone O Rings - With one of the broadest operating temperature ranges of all elastomers, silicone o-rings are renowned for their ability to maintain flexibility and for having minimal compression set characteristics.
Neoprene O Rings - Neoprene (-40º to +250ºF) is reasonably priced and features good resistance to petroleum oils, ozone, sunlight and oxygen aging, relatively low compression set, good resilience, and outstanding physical toughness.
Quad O-Rings - A quad-ring, with its four equally sized lobes, forms a square shape with two sealing points rather than an o-ring's one contact point
Nitrile O-rings - are one of the most commonly used sealing elastomers due to resistance to petroleum-based fuels and lubricants 
O Rings Manufacturers
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