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Choosing the Correct Physician on the Gold Coast

With a broad variety of medical services to provide the community in and around Elanora, Palm Beach, and Currumbin, The Pines Medical Practice is ready to meet your medical requirements. Our team of committed specialists is ready to help, whether you require travel vaccinations, children's immunizations, diabetes screenings, skin cancer screenings, or even have inquiries regarding medicinal marijuana for medicinal cannabis prescription. 

  • Doctor Gold Coast: Your health is important, and keeping it that way requires selecting the best Doctor Gold Coast. Your health is our priority at The Pines Medical Practice, where we provide a full range of medical treatments. Our physicians are skilled, kind, and committed to giving you the finest treatment possible.
  • Doctor in Elanora: When selecting a physician, convenience is important. The Pines Medical Practice is in your immediate area if you live in Elanora. Our Doctor in Elanora facility is a great option for people and families looking for high-quality healthcare in the region since it is conveniently located.
  • Doctor near Palm Beach: We recognize the significance of accessibility in the context of healthcare. You may get the necessary medical care without having to deal with the inconvenience of lengthy journeys if you have a doctor close to Palm Beach.
  • Doctor near Currumbin: We at The Pines Medical Practice are pleased to provide our services near Currumbin. Our physicians are aware of the healthcare requirements in the region and are well-versed in the local population. Our ability to respond to your unique requirements via individualized treatment is made possible by our local experience.
  • Diabetes Screening Near Me: Diabetes is a common health issue, and early diagnosis and treatment depend on routine screening. To assist you in maintaining your best health and successfully managing this illness, we provide diabetes screening services. Together, you and our experts will develop a customized diabetes care strategy.


  • Skin Cancer Screening: It is essential to maintain good skin health while living in a sunny area like the Gold Coast. Our services for skin cancer screening are intended to help you safeguard your skin and identify any possible problems early on. To ensure appropriate treatment and avoid more severe problems, early identification is essential.
  • Children's Vaccinations: For every parent, keeping their kids healthy comes first. To shield your kids against a variety of illnesses, we provide a wide choice of children's vaccines. The knowledgeable and amiable personnel at our facility will make sure your kid has the most recent immunizations.

Overall, your health and well-being must locate the best Gold Coast doctor. The Pines Medical Practice provides Elanora, Palm Beach, and Currumbin locals with an easy-to-access option. Our committed staff is here to assist you with your healthcare requirements, whether you need information on medicinal marijuana and cannabis prescriptions, travel vaccinations, children's immunizations, diabetes screening, or skin cancer screening. Our first goal is your health, and we are dedicated to assisting you in leading a happy and healthy life.