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Chinese production


The whole world is a single market, the competition ability of its product basically is reflected in delivery price. Accordingly, each country behoove controls a product inside global limits the cost of each component. Answer to produce the product of top quality with lowermost cost, improve the use efficiency of lumber, promote the additional cost of the product, increase the exit chance of man-made board. The enterprise should is with the demand of consumer oriented

production goes out more green, healthy product. Because grow when consumer demand, to the quality of lumber the demand also rises subsequently. Should pay attention to between the country strengthen technology of close cooperation, communication, reduce cost of research and development. 2025 Chinese production, intelligence and green are crucial, also will design better product, improve manufacturing beneficial result through engineering technology and equipment.

Michael Worrell of union of British lumber trade,England is the European entrance country with Chinese plank the biggest product. With respect to market of British plank product character, china is important commerce associate, import plywood product forehead to show from China according to England, 2014 155.5 million pound, 2015 probably 178 million pound (add up to 1.5 billion yuan about) , this reflected China to import tremendous influence of the forehead to England, and the market is having rapid change.

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