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Cannabis Training Techniques: Tie Down Method

The tie-down method consists of tying down the branches and leveling the canopy so that all flowering sites get equal amounts of light, thus increasing yields.

This low-stress training (LST) method basically consists of gently bending stems and tying them in place to drastically change the shape of the plant. This is done to create multiple bud sites, even out the canopy, and overall help you use light more efficiently.

Using LST techniques like the tie-down method can drastically increase your yields without changing your setup.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds ( are usually bushy and they don’t produce big enough side branches for them to get enough light and develop well.

Even though the tie-down method stresses your plant significantly less than other HST methods, you can prevent stress by growing a strain that takes training well, like our Zkittlez Auto.

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