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Benefits of taking healthy food

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It is well known that consuming fruit and vegetables is good for your health, but it does not consider the seasonality of the products. Nor can you blame too much the buyer who finds market and supermarket stalls full of fruit (and vegetables) even though, in reality, every product of the earth grows naturally only at certain times of the year.
The reality is that consuming seasonal fruit not only brings benefits to your body but also the entire earth's ecosystem. Consuming seasonal fruit to increase the quality of what you consume also allows us to refer to the “short chain more easily ", that is, to have access to the products grown on their lands. La Banana provides you fresh fruits through farms.
For your health
Many studies show that the products taken during their natural ripening season have superior nutritional properties compared to those of a fruit or a vegetable ripened outside this period. In addition, changing your diet according to the seasons means diversifying the supply of nutrients, such as vitamins or mineral salts.
A greater load of nutrients
By consuming seasonal fruit, you can enjoy its true flavour and smell and take in its main nutrients. It is also easy to notice that off-season products do not have a particular taste and flavour. Indeed, it often happens, as in the case of tomatoes or strawberries, that they have very little of it.
Economy and sustainability
The fruit out of season is grown in greenhouses with artificial light, harvested while still unripe, and then matured in special cold rooms. In addition, in most cases, fruit and vegetables that are not in season are transported for many kilometres, dramatically increasing consumer costs and the environmental impact. You can Order Healthy Food Online for your family.
Cherries and Strawberries
Cherries and strawberries are also fruits that, thanks to their iron content, favour the normal activity of the liver and intestine, as well as having purifying virtues and replenishing mineral salts. Cherries are not only rich in iron but also in calcium, magnesium, potassium and natural melatonin: a substance that helps you falls asleep.
Strawberries, on the other hand, are important for their water content, which helps to replenish liquids, fibre, sugars, vitamins, Omega 3 and iron. Both fruits can be consumed fresh alone or with sugar, in the form of extract or juice, or they can be enjoyed in delicious cakes or pies. Online Healthy Food can save time as compared to offline.
Bananas and Avocado
Contrary to popular belief, bananas are water-rich fruit. They contain 75% of it but are also composed of many fibres, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. On the other hand, potassium prevails among the mineral salts but is also rich in iron, calcium, copper and phosphorus. They also contain many simple sugars, which are used very quickly by the body to produce energy, which can be used immediately.
The avocado is an exotic fruit that experts indicate among those that contain all the nutrients that the human body needs. It has many vitamins and potassium, but also oils with an innumerable amount of uses and beneficial properties.