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The basic steps to use a Box Blade Tractor Implement

A tractor used in agricultural lands in levelling and powdering the soil for crop cultivation always needs a loader bucket, a rear blade, and a Box Blade. The box blade tractor implementation is one of the most important and fundamental tools to have when you are using your tractor for commercial purposes.

What is a box blade?

The box blade comes with an inbuilt configuration of a 3-sided metal box with front and rear cutting blades that are placed across the rear panel’s bottom. The box blade is mainly used for levelling, grading, and backfilling a wide area of land, driveway, garden, building site, etc. These have angled metal teeth that help the tool in the easy processing of materials taken into consideration.

Below are a few basic steps for using a box blade tractor implement.

Reading Operator’s manual

Before opening up operations with the box blade, we recommend a thorough read of the operator’s manual. It acknowledges you with the pros, cons, benefits, and methods of using the Tractor Implement. Furthermore, you will follow all operating and safety procedures after reading the manual.

Scraping instructions

To proceed with this method, adjusting your top link to configure front and rear cutting blades is the basic step of using a box blade tractor implement. This step allows the provision of a basic scraping and smoothing action on the target ground.

Using the scarifiers

Scarifiers are mainly used to break up the target ground you want to level up. Therefore, going over with scarifiers in the down and locked position is considered to be a wise step.

Smoothing the target area

For smoothing up the target ground, make sure that box is touching the ground and is on an equal level from side to side. Also, extending the top blade to angle up the box blade is considered a wise step.