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Basic Difference between Warehouses and Self Storage

Most of the time self storage warehouses both the terms are used interchangeably, but the fact is, they both are different. 

Which one of you selects will rely on the type and quantity of goods you need to stow. 
Here we will help you to differentiate between the two so that you can decide which one is best for you:

What is self-storage?
Self storage is a unit rented by someone to store confidential or business items. Self-storage units come in different sizes, varying from very small to relatively large. Sometimes, a large, security scrutinized industrial space is split into smaller units that can be accessed separately 24/7. Other times, a self-storage unit is merely a space available for rent in a multi-purpose building. In this way, self-storage can be found both in towns and cities and in industrial areas in remote areas.

What is warehousing?
On the other side, warehousing directs to keeping goods in bulk before sale or allocation. It is a solution commonly used by commercial manufactories and wholesalers. In comparison to self-storage spaces, warehouses are commonly very large units that are constructed for the purpose and located in industrial estates outside of towns and cities. Although some buildings have security cameras and guards, a warehouse storage space in a remote location can be more vulnerable to any type of danger than self-storage. Warehouse merchandise is constantly logged and tracked using technology.
Can you use self-storage as a warehousing solution?
The answer to this question is very simple it entirely depends on your business's warehouse essentials. 

 If you are a small or medium-sized business owner with average storage requirements, you might be able to use self storage as a conveniently located, cost-friendly, and low-maintenance option to a warehouse storage space. If you plan on doing this, it is important to believe in access rules, security, and insurance to assure your goods are safeguarded and that you can get to them when you need them.

 On the other hand, multinational corporations or large enterprises have a larger storage requirement, which requires tighter quality and quantity management due to higher stock flow. In this case, warehousing might be a more suitable long-term solution as it covers many characteristics such as unloading, receiving and checking inbound goods, storage, order picking, and handling returns.
Think self-storage better suits your business needs?
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