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Automated Storage & Retrieval System| ASRS System |Working & Pre-requisite

ASRSfollows a computerized process that assists with the management and maintenance of stored products and materials in fully automated warehouses.The operator enters the details regarding the product that is required and how many units are required. Then the computer determines where the product has been stored, what is the best way to retrieve it quickly and then executes the program to retrieve the required product(s) with the help of integrated equipment.
Storage–Products and materials that are to be stored are placed in the input station. Then the operator punches in the details regarding the designated storage space. Then the AS/RS system takes the product to the selected storage location and offloads it there.
Retrieval–Once the operator punches in the requirements, WMS software directs the ASRS system towards the exact storage location, from where the product will be retrieved and delivered to the designated location. Automatically the inventory gets updated on a real-time basis as and when the products are stored or retrieved.

Pre-Requisite To be done before Implementing ASRS system
Data and Analysis :
Successful implementation of automated storage & retrieval system requires extensive physical data of all your inventory. The order data includes both historical and required projections. The complete information of the inventory levels, SKU velocity classification is also taken into due consideration before going for an ergonomic design. Specifically, the data must be modelled to predict the required size and throughput capabilities of the system in the future. The optimal tools for efficient operations are dictated by product mix, order rate, minimum order quantities and type of fulfilment process, all of which differ by facility.
System configuration:
It must be decided what type configuration the system will have. First, there are the electrical and software setup of the system to functionally run and keep up with the high demand of the manufacturing process. Second, the physical input and output points of the system must be setup to be in a central location for all storage and retrieval requests.
Operational clarity:
Material to be handled in full pallets, mixed pallets, cases or cartons, kitting operations etc, all have different attributes in their storage and retrieval operations. It is imperative to determine how the new ASRS will impact the entire fulfilment process, including upstream manufacturing processes and downstream shipping operations.
Usage of other materials:
It is important to pre-determine the use of carrier boards, slip sheets, totes, and pallets. Also, it should be noted whether they are captive in the system or will they be induced at some other point in the process.
Facility evaluation:
If your ASRS requires a new building or a building modification, one must have the knowledge of and experience with various regulations influencing the project. This is especially true when considering modifications that are needed to incorporate a new storage system within an existing facility.
If your solution is customised, then it should include a combination of products that are most appropriate for your application. All the options must be properly weighed of whether to opt for unit load ASRS crane or Unit load shuttle system. It must be evaluated AGVs will be considered for movement or it will be done in combination of manual and conveyors. Picking operation and technologies selection also has an eminent role in the process.
A fool-proof existing software or altogether new software integration is required into the system. It will include Software integration withWMS software, WCS software, warehouse execution (WES) and any enterprise resource management (ERP) systems.