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Anti-static floor care and maintenance Knowledge Center

Anti-static flooring, also known as static dissipative floor, commonly used in the computer room. So everyday life, how do we care and maintenance of anti-static floor it?  1 in the use of anti-static floor should be kept clean surface layer. When we find dust or dirty, the available vacuum cleaner or a damp mop (not dripping), and other tools to clean the floor, if the dirt when available neutral detergent wet surface, and then wipe clean.  2, in use, is strictly prohibited weapon rolled hard, scratching the ground; non-hot objects (electric iron, hot plates, etc.) and low-temperature objects (dry ice, liquid nitrogen, etc.) direct contact with the ground: Avoid oils and corrosive chemicals defaced ground.  3 with an angular, hard chassis equipment must not drag on the ground. Shall not be placed on the ground over anti-static floor design can load objects.  4 Let each should with rubber mats, rubber wheels placed directly on the long-term anti-static PVC floor.  5 removable anti-static floor, you must use the suction plate reader, do not use sharp tools such as Alice, pull, hit, hit. Smaller weight bearing point should be added the support pad.  6 ground conservation should adopt anti-static floor wax coating method, prohibited the use of non-anti-static floor wax.  There are currently about several common maintenance methods:  1, focusing on its use of the environment: the laying of anti-static floor of the room temperature should be controlled at 15 degrees -35 degrees, and humidity control in 45% -75% RH;  2, routine maintenance details: (1) prohibit the use of sharp instruments direct construction operations directly on the floor surface to prevent damage to the surface of the antistatic properties and aesthetic level; (2) prohibit the use of the process fall jump from higher personnel directly on the floor, when the ban handling equipment rough handling, crushing the floor; (3) On the floor when the mobile device is prohibited on the plate direct push equipment, scratch the floor, the correct approach is to lift the equipment for handling; (4) room have heavy equipment, equipment should fall directly on the ground base, resulting in long-term weight-bearing floor deformation can not fall directly on the floor; (5) the lower portion of floor maintenance equipment, apply suction to suck from the floor plate operate to prohibit the use of sharp brutal dismantling; (6) maintenance, but with a vacuum cleaner or mop to keep the board clean, especially not to the main liquid spill onto the floor. (7) the floor surface regularly to fight anti-static wax maintenance to ensure long-term effect of the floor. (8) the floor surface does have pollution, gasoline, wash clean, cleanser clean the floor surface, and anti-static wax polish treatment on the surface. (9) floor general cleaning once a year, and then the anti-static wax polish maintenance treatment. Article Source: veranda decking warranty landscaping pool ideas