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The Angry Gran Run game for Windows Phone is becoming increasingly popular.

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Mon, 03/22/2021 - 04:54

The Angry Gran Run game is ready for you to play and enjoy. It is available for download here. The players will then embark on a run to escape the Angry Asylum. They can assist Gran in escaping and transforming her into a superhero. There will also be plenty of jumping and sliding, which encourages everyone to participate. The challenges are numerous, and the adventures along the way are breathtaking. Some aspects of the Angry Gran Run game are similar to those found in Temple Run-style games. However, it has a different point of view, a different type of Gran, and an impressive penguin costume.

There are optional upgrades to make the game more interesting. Gran can get more bullet time as well as better shields. She will then become even more unbeatable. Players can progress through the thrilling run, take part in missions, and earn points. The game is free, but there are additional in-app purchases. Players can get a head start with them, taking advantage of coins and bonuses if they wish. For those looking for a purchaseable pack, there is the 2,200,000 mega pack, which provides a boost for $79.99.

The controls for the angry gran Run game are simple, and the music is pleasantly catchy. Players can enlist the assistance of youths dressed in tracksuits to assist them in the game. Aliens are a threat that adds to the suspense. Players are encouraged to collect coins in order to boost their score multiplier. They can also use the coins in the store. The advantage for regular players is that they do not need to buy coins with real money.

If players want to try the original version of the Angry Gran Run, they can do so as well. It is available from this location.