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Novashare WordPress Review: Is It The Fastest Social Share Plugin?

There is no denying what social media can do; they can get you free traffic, increase your brand awareness, and even benefit your SEO.
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But there is one problem, to achieve this goal, you will need a perfect social share plugin to pave the way for blog visitors so that they be able to easily share your posts.

Now, how to find that perfect social share plugin? don’t worry, we are here to help.

We searched the web to find a fast, lightweight, beautifully designed and an easy to work with social share plugin for you, guess what… we found it, it is “Novashare”.

Novashare is a newly released social share plugin which is extremely fast and suitable for every blogger.

In this article, we will review the Novashare plugin, examine its features, walk you through its options, compare it with other plugins of the category, and leave you with an easy to make decision about it.

What is Novashare?
Novashare is a premium social sharing WordPress plugin. It claims to add only 5 KB (we will check this in our tests section) to the front end.

A serious claim, because social sharing plugins normally add about 50 KB in size. The plugin comes with some brand-new features that we will examine them individually throughout our review.

The Team behind Novashare
The plugin is developed by a team of two brothers — Brian Jackson and Brett Jackson — who are also behind Perfmatters. Perfmatters is a premium WordPress performance plugin that allows you to disable unneeded features that will speed up your site.

Their background is all about speed and optimization, so it is not impossible for them to develop a plugin which only adds 5 KB in size.

Getting started with Novashare
Now, let’s see what it has got. Once installed and activated, you can find it in Settings > Novashare.

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