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Nadi Dosha Solution in Horoscope Matching – Can It be Ignored

NADI Koota

Nadi is the last koot and the most important Koota in Horoscope matching or Kundli milan. Nadi means pulse. The pulse is indicative of heart beat or nervous energy. As per Ayurveda Sastra Nadi indicates the three humours Vaatha Nadi, Pitha Nadi and Sleshma Nadi.

Vaatha Nadi reveals mind or gas (causing gastric problems) Pitha Nadi indicates bile (excessive secretion of bile) Sleshma Nadi indicates phlegm (cold and phlegm formation in the chest).

The three Nadis are classified as Aadi Nadi (beginning) Madyma Nadi (Middle) and Anthya Nadi (ending or last part). They are also named as Dhakshina Nadi, Madyama Nadi and Uthara Nadi. The 27 Nakshatras are divided into 3 Nadis.


If the boy and the girl have same Nadi they form the Nadi dosha. Nadi dosha is never good for free astrology reading marital happiness. The birth stars of girl and boy must not be in the same Nadi. During horoscope matching If the stars of girl and boy are in different Nadis, matching can be done. If they are in the same Nadi, matching should be completely avoided. Especially if there is Nadi Paad Vedha, marriage should be avoided as other wise it will cause separation, insanity or even death.


The only solution is to check for Nadi Paad Vedha. If there is no Nadi Paad Vedha marriage can be considered as it indicates that it is not a complete Nadi dosha.


Some people get confused and relate Nadi to Blood Groups as they do not understand Nadi dosha. They feel that if there is different blood groups then marriage can be done even if Nadi dosha is there. This is not correct, even if there is different blood groups of the boy and girl, if there is Nadi dosha, marriage should only take place if there is no Nadi Paad Vedha. Even if the boy and the girl have different blood groups, if there is Nadi Paad Vedha, marriage is restricted.

As Nadis are related to health, happiness, and longevity, importance should be given to the agreement of this Koota. Nadi Dosha not only ruins the happiness and prosperity but even cause mental disorder. As Nadi is very important it has a maximum of 8 score in Horoscope matching.

Nadi Koot is applicable for very couple who intends to have a blissful and happy marriage. Hence Nadi Koota agreement should be obtained before matching.

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