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How can a Session with your Chiropractor help immunity System?

What is the role of the Immune System?
The immunity system of our body plays a pivotal role in our staying healthy and the smooth functioning of all the systems of the body. The immune system protects the body and fights against harmful bacteria and viruses. The immunity system is made up of white blood cells, organs, and tissues and together they work to keep the body healthy and bar the infectious organisms from entering the body.

Problems that an unhealthy immunity can create

Unhealthy immunity is a threat to all the working systems of the body. Sometimes there might be some problems of the immunity system which could prevent their healthy working. Some of them are:

• Autoimmune Disorders: In this type of disease, the immunity system attacks itself because it perceives itself as dangerous.

• Allergic Disorders: In this type of disease, the immunity system overreacts to a particular type of allergen.

Chiropractic Sessions to Boost Immunity System

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massage therapy and it’s effects on the nervous system. Not everyone is aware of the fact that the immunity system is related to the spine. Most of the time it is seen that a stressed spine can put off the immunity system from working properly. Licensed therapists with the help of various spinal massage help in releasing the subluxations of the spine and helps in alignment of the spine which re-ensure the smooth functioning of the immunity system.

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