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Liuyang Hunan China Pyroally Fireworks

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Buyers, Please let us know,you get the info from ,you can get a Special Discounts.

Pyroally Fireworks sells its fireworks directly from China. If you are an importer and would like to buy containers directly, then contact us to get your assistance.

"Pyroally" fireworks cover all categories of fireworks including consumer fireworks and professional display pyrotechnics.  For example,display shells, professional cakes, compound cakes, roman candles, assortments, fountains, sky rockets, helicopters, sparklers, smoke items, snaps, wheels, confetti, birthday candle, stage fireworks, waterfall,  fiberglass mortar, electronic igniter, and other specialty items. Our products are guaranteed to have the highest quality performance, including the richest colors, extra long duration stars, and professionally designed retail packaging.

Tel No.: +86 731 83667691
Phone: +86 15111031588
Fax: +86 731 83667692
Address: No.47,TangjiaZhou 3rd Road, Hehua Street Liuyang,410300 Hunan, China

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