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Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Sheets

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Stainless steel mirror finish sheet is an important process for manufacturers and architectural applications. Stainless steel mirror finish sheets creates a uniform and consistent surface finish–vital for tank manufactures and OEMs supplying products to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Stainless inventories polished sheet, plate and some structural items in #4 finish and a #8 mirror finish. This section provides information on different stainless steel finishes, technical data, and best practices for ordering material. Stainless steel mirrors are mainly used because they are unbreakable and can be used in areas where the security factor plays a very important role, e.g. in court houses, psychiatric institutes, public buildings, in traffic and schools. 304 stainless steel is a commercial grade of stainless steel sheet metal and the most widely used stainless steel. 304 stainless steel sheet metal is a versatile, anti-rusting and heat resistant steel for general use. Stainless steel sheet metal uses include food equipment, plumbing materials, kitchen sinks, and back splashes. Stainless steel sheet #8 mirror is austenitic, meaning it will not attract or hold a magnet. If you need that option in stainless steel, the 430 grade will hold a magnet.