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Perflex Building Products

Submitted by perflex05 on Mon, 11/06/2023 - 19:11

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Per flex insists on easier decoration work and durable products research with strength of high technology, good quality and continuous innovation. Perflex concentrates on the research and manufacture of high valuable products like cartridge epoxy tile grout, polyaspartic non yellowing tile grout, epoxy grout mortar, waterproof tile & grout sealer, polyaspartics eamless flooring, polyaspartic waterproof coating, etc. We are a company that believes in innovation and dares to embrace changes. We produce top quality tiling products, other than products, we provide solutions and professional service to our clients and partners globally. We are determined to bring changes to this industry, Our cartridge tile grout series is a product to make grouting a job so easy and satisfying. We are specialized in epoxy and polyaspartic. we help our customers to take full advantages of these amazing materials. 18390992093


Submitted by haotiancn on Wed, 02/08/2023 - 00:35

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<strong>Types</strong>: Business <strong>Address</strong>: 99 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong <strong>E-mail</strong>: <strong>Description</strong>: 具备国资背景的建筑材料供应商——淮北绿金产业投资股份有限公司在香港联合交易所主板正式挂牌上市。此次上市由皓天财经协助完成公司上市期间相关事宜,通过媒体及活动宣传,为淮北绿金树立了卓越的企业形象,上市项目亦得以圆满完成。
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