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Another prospect...laments "learning nothing" from Chelsea signing attempt

Chelsea targeting Esteban Willian. The fans are not happy.

Under Todd Boeli, the Blues have had a clear 'recruitment philosophy'. In fact, most of their signings have been in their early 20s or over the age of 25. At one point, James Maddison was rumored to be on his way out, but his age was cited as one of the reasons for not trying to sign him.

The best since Chandler... The 19-year-old rookie solved Dallas' center woes.

Dallas hit the jackpot in the draft.

The Dallas Mavericks lost 120-126 to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season on March 3 at American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Dallas trailed by 30 points after three quarters, but rallied with a 30-0 scoring run in the fourth quarter. However, Oklahoma City answered right back with a three-pointer from Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Despite the comeback, Oklahoma City held on for the win.

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