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Some interesting Android application trends you should explore in 2019

Certainly agreed, Android has become more successful and the past of android is nothing less than stirring, bringing about a change in the mobile application development business. Started back in the year of 2008, Android’s OS Market Stake now drifts nearly 85%. Additionally, volumes are projected to rise on five years CAGR of 2.5%, with deliveries impending 1.42 billion near to 2022.

Taxi App Development Is Reshaping The Logistics Industry

Are you searching for a profitable startup? Then you can surely look forward to commencing an on-demand taxi business. We know, here the obvious question is, how to start a taxi business like Uber and Ola. The truth is you can start a taxi business easily with the help of taxi app development. Undoubtedly, Uber and Ola have succeeded incredibly, and mobile app development has played an important role in their journey. So, you can take it as an inspiration and put your first step in this direction.

Several Challenges of Grocery Delivery App You Must Focus On

The grocery business is a huge trade by any constraints and it’s rising by leaps & abrupt changes regardless of the defies it is laden with. We all want food for living so we all walk to a grocery shop to fill these basic human necessities. An increasing trend of on-demand grocery stores has been observed. Plenty of causes can be related to this.

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