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How Surrogacy has turn into a business?

Surrogacy in India has changed a lot. Earlier it was a process through which the couples could become parents but soon things took a drastic change and it became a business. Women would use it as a source of money and would ask for lump sum amount just to deliver the baby. Surrogacy in India is now a business and surrogates have found a way to make money. Sometimes the surrogates even break the contract and run away with the baby. The number of unethical cases has been quite on rise since a long time.

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Surrogacy is a big decision for any couple and their family. It is definitely the last rescue for the couples. After trying hard for different treatments, the couples end up with surrogacy and make sure it turns out to be a happy experience for them. Everyone wants to have a baby but not all are lucky to conceive naturally and get pregnant. There are people who face issues and have to undergo certain treatments before they get blessed with a baby. And then there are those who still face problems and no treatment works for them.

Simple Guide to Surrogacy Treatment Process

Surrogacy has now become legal and this has opened new doors of opportunities for the couples who are facing problems in conceiving. For them surrogacy can do wonders as it gives them the chance to enjoy parenthood and that too without any problem. But taking this decision can be tough because not everyone agrees to go for it especially the family members. That is why it becomes all the more necessary to seek the advice of everyone is the family and feel comfortable while going for the process of surrogacy.

Egg Donation Program and How it Can Help the Couples

Egg donation is something that has really helped the couples to enjoy parenthood. Women who are facing issues with their poor quality eggs or have irregular periods due to which they are unable to conceive, egg donors can be a good choice. You just have to connect with a trusted egg donation agency and you can then select the right donor of you. If she is ready to help you, the details will be checked like the medical history and other records. Once the confirmation from the medical team comes, the process can be started.

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Egg donation is a very good decision on the part of the donors. Not every individual has the guts to go for it and help other couples. It is not an easy decision for the donors and still women help other couples for the same and make sure they are able offer assistance in delivering a healthy baby. When any couple plans to go for IVF or surrogacy, the very first thing is to look for a donor. Though there are so many agencies which would deal in the same but it really becomes difficult to make your choice and end up finding the right donor for yourself.

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