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The printer for Personal Office and Small Working Group Users

Personal Office and Small Working Group Users, this kind of user's daily printing job usually involves both image and document. Although the requirement of image printing is not as high as that of professional users, it still needs better quality. But the original cartridge is too expensive for such users, so we may choose high quality compatible cartridges.

compatible and the original cartridge ②

When choosing compatible cartridges, we still need to choose carefully, because there are many brands of compatible cartridges and ink on the market, and the quality is uneven. When you choose, you will find that generally, well-skilled compatible consumables manufacturers will produce corresponding cartridges and inks according to different brands of printers such as Epson, Hp, Canon, Lexmark and so on, with more complete products. Secondly, better compatible brands have good after-sales service.

The printer of enterprise users

This includes professional users engaged in various types of advertising design, art design, digital photo printing and so on. Because of the needs of its own industry, this kind of use class pays great attention to the printing quantity, and has a very high requirement for the performance of color. Therefore, the author believes that such users should choose the original consumables at any cost, and should use a brand with the printer. After all, the ink production process of each manufacturer is different, and the products of famous brands can often be well matched.

compatible and the original cartridge

At present, there are three main types of cartridges in the market, one is original cartridge, one is counterfeit original cartridge and the other is compatible cartridge. Among them, counterfeit original cartridges occupy most of the domestic cartridge Market (the quality of counterfeit cartridges is poor because they have inherent shortcomings from the beginning of production, such as the counterfeiters will be the original cartridge filling secondary ink regeneration, because the quality of ink is too poor to be guaranteed).

pressure Cots and Temperature Controller (Thermistor) inside the printer

pressure Cots

Pressure cots, also known as lower rolls, are used to fix and transmit ink on printing paper by hot pressing together with heating rolls. Pressure is controlled by bracket springs at both ends. Pressure rollers are usually made of high temperature resistant silicone rubber. In some laser printers, pressure rollers are made of honeycomb heat-resistant sponges. The outer surface is a layer of PTFE film, which is more conducive to separating printing paper from pressure rollers and preventing paper jamming.

Temperature Controller (Thermistor)

original vs compatible toner cartridge

or office output equipment, consumables are an indispensable part of the user's importance is self-evident. Just like gasoline and automobile, consumables are also consumables for these devices. When users go to the market to make purchases, they will always find that a wide range of non-original consumables can be eye-catching. Whether it is appropriate to buy the original consumables or to buy the non-original consumables is a difficult choice for users.


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