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the first thing that came to mind was the'artificial intelligence lifelike sex dolls '

Now any country in the world is full of this made in China-although China is a big producer, but the level of science and technology is limited. "I thought of how China invented artificial intelligence, and the first thing that came to mind was the'artificial intelligence lifelike sex dolls '

The research team of sex dolls

Realbotix, the development team of the National Adult Machine Company, is trying to manufacture the world's first commercial adult sex robot in a factory in San Marcos, California. It is different from traditional realistic sex dolls . Realbotix CEO Matt McMullen announced earlier this week that their first adult robot prototype, Harmony, is almost ready and will be released to customers soon. The price of Harmony is approximately £7,777 (approximately US$10,000). It is a humanoid machine capable of speaking, machine learning and free movement.

Have you heard of these news?

A 60-year-old man in Sichuan, China bought a lifelike sex dolls. Regardless of the worldly vision, he eats, walks the birds and sleeps with the sex doll every day. The people in the village cast contempt, but he didn’t care. He told reporters: His wife has passed away, but he still has sexual desires, and he doesn’t want to look for a wife. In order to satisfy his sexual desires and commemorate his wife, he asked the reporter. I made a sex doll that looked like my wife really wanted.

Count the interesting things about adult sex dolls in 2013

Is the Realistic sex doll newsworthy? Of course I think they do! However, it can be understood that the topic of real dolls rarely appears in the headlines. This is why when we see news stories related to love dolls, it will be exciting. So, let's see if there are any news stories where sex dolls have appeared!

Middle-aged men buy physical dolls to face loneliness

   "My daughter is a little frightened!" is the first sentence Xiaoyao Zhu Xueyu (screen name, hereinafter referred to as Xueyu) blurted out during the interview.
   Nowadays, we are living in an era of eagerness for quick success and instant benefits. Some people are fighting for money and salivation; some people are lust, which hurts both sides. It is self-evident how cruel the process should be. The result is not so important, because often looking back, it is a loneliness like a scourge.


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