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Effortlessly glam Suki Waterhouse flashes a hint of toned tum in blue silk co-ord

Effortlessly glam Suki Waterhouse flashes a hint of toned tum in blue silk co-ord as she attends Lady Gaga's birthday bash

She's hot property in both the fashion and acting worlds.

And Suki Waterhouse showed why she's got such a buzz about her, as she stepped out in a stylish and super-sophisticated suit for Lady Gaga's 30th birthday bash in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

The 24-year-old kept it cool as she headed to the star-studded bash, looking effortlessly glamorous in her androgrynous-style ensemble while flashing a hint of her enviably toned tum.

Decoding the Nokring

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Physical Signs of Stress

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How to Adapt to Progressive Lenses Glasses

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The Risks of Diabetes and Eye Sight

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The Zen of Health

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Homelite Generators

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