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You can also teleport directly to the castle to the west of the farm

Submitted by Sagelucy on Wed, 08/10/2022 - 18:47

If your travels took you to OSRS gold Morytania before, pay 1.300 coins, and sail from Port Sarim to Port Phasmatys.

It is possible to reach Canifis pub via the POH Kharyrll Teleport. After that, you'll need to run north-east. This can be done through a hosting houses, as well.

You can also teleport directly to the castle to the west of the farm by using a Fenkenstrain's castle-teleport tablet.

Once you've finished talking to Alice After that, head back to the farm and sit near the cows that are dead and talk at her husband. Continue to talk with them until you can tell that he's trying to talk directly to her. It can only be done by convincing that Old Crone to create a modified ghost-speak amulet for Alice's husband.

Go to the east side to the east of Slayer Tower and look for the small house. The crone should be in it. The crone will provide you with a crone-made amulet, but only if you have spoken to her at least twice.

A note: An amulet created by Crone can be only given to Alice's husband if you will be wearing a ghostspeak amulet at the same time.

Return to the farm, and hand over the amulet to the husband of Alice. Once you talk to him , you'll witness a cut-scene where an imaginary player character will RuneScape gold take place. Alice's will be willing to sell you some undead chickens for 10 ecto-tokens each.