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The years I was out of prison.

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Lin Jinghuai bent his eyes, touched her head, and then said to Fan Chongjun, "I need a piece of Siyuan's hair." "I'll pull it for you." When Jin Yao heard this, she immediately went to Siyuan and reached out to pull out several hairs from his head. "Here, what else do you need?" Lin Jinghuai said: "a piece of paper, a pen, three threads of incense." "I have paper and pens at home, and I'll buy them now if they are fragrant." With these words, Jin Yao was about to rush out. Wait Zhu Kui stopped the man, "I seem to have a thread of incense here." With that, her divinity crossed the space and found an unopened box of thread incense in the pile of worthless debris and took it out. I don't know which little demon gave it to you when he came to visit me. Lin Jinghuai opened it and raised his eyebrows. Made of the best aloes, this standard was used by the royal family to worship ancestors and heaven in ancient times. Do you have a pen and paper? Intuitively, Lin Jinghuai asked again. Zhu Kui looked for it, "yes." She took out a box, which contained a complete set of pen, ink, paper and inkstone. Even a rough man like Fan Chongjun thought it was of great value. Isn't this a little too expensive? Fan Chongjun looked at those ancient things and felt a little sorry. No, it's not valuable. Zhu Kui didn't take it seriously. Fan Chongjun Wen Yan is more sorry, he felt that this must be the other side in order to take care of him to say so, the heart secretly made a decision,Inflatable water park on lake, such as the soul of Siyuan to find back must be good to thank them. While he was thinking about it, Lin Jinghuai had already grinded the juice and drawn it on the paper, and a minute later, a shining charm appeared in front of everyone. Fan Chongjun: "What is this?" Lin Jinghuai: "Soul seeking amulet." He wrapped Fan Siyuan's hair in paper, put it on the thread incense, and handed it to Zhu, "Ignite it." Zhu took the paper, drew a cluster of red flames with his fingertips,inflatable amusement park, lit the incense first, then lit the paper, and the white paper soon turned into ashes and fell into the cigarette lit by the incense. A surprising scene happened. The ashes fell into the cigarette and did not fall down again, but floated on top of the cigarette, as if they were held up by the smoke. The next moment, the ashes slowly turned, forming a mysterious pattern in the air, just like the one Lin Jinghuai had drawn on the paper before. Suddenly, the rune moved and floated to the top of Fan Siyuan's head and stopped steadily. Jin Yao almost exclaimed, but out of the corner of her eye when she saw Lin Jinghuai, who was motionless with her eyes closed, she immediately covered her mouth and swallowed the exclamation to her mouth. Just a pair of eyes kept flashing, tightly staring at his son, eyes Lu Xiyi. ......... The thread incense spiraled up over the roof and extended into the unknown distance. Lin Jinghuai followed the cigarette and came to a dark cave. The cigarette drifted through the cave and into it. Lin Jinghuai took a look at the entrance of the cave, pressed down the deep thought in his eyes, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable water obstacle course, and followed it. Tick tock. The cold rock water dripped down from the stalactites on the top of the cave and hit the stones below, making a small splash. The further you go, the lower the temperature. Suddenly, there was a suppressed cry in front of him. The cigarette shook, then turned into a straight line and flew forward quickly. Then he stopped straight in front of a transparent soul. Fan Siyuan stood in a circle with dull eyes, like a doll in a quilt in the ring game in the night market, and there were six or seven similar circles around him. Some circles have transparent souls like him, some circles have solid souls, and some circles are empty. Lin Jinghuai looked at the empty circles and his heart sank. Without thinking about anything else, he walked up to Fan Siyuan and called out softly, "Siyuan." Fan Siyuan stood there with no response. The color of the cigarette had faded, and he had little time left. But even so, he did not impatiently pull Fan Siyuan away, but squatted down and looked carefully at the circle that trapped Fan Siyuan. The more he looked, the more he frowned. This is.. "Da-da." There was a sound of footsteps behind him, and someone was coming here. He glanced at Fan Siyuan, who was trapped in the circle, and then at the other children who were also trapped in the circle, and his hands disappeared in place.
A man with a ghost mask stepped into the cave at the moment he disappeared. He took two steps forward and suddenly stopped. His eyes under the mask suddenly became very sharp, and his eyes shot around like electricity. Do I think too much? After checking a circle and finding nothing unusual, the ghost-faced man came to Fan Siyuan, looked at him greedily, then waved his hand, removed the array on the circle, and lifted his soul out of the circle. Lin Jinghuai, sitting on the ground, suddenly opened his eyes. Too late to say anything, he quickly grabbed Zhu's hand and passed on the scene he had seen before. "Ah, find here as fast as you can." Fan Chongjun saw that when he woke up, he looked at the bed subconsciously. Jin Yao had already thrown herself on Fan Siyuan and whispered, "Siyuan, Siyuan." However, Fan Siyuan still did not respond at all, and even his body temperature was two degrees colder than before. Jin Yao had a bad feeling in her heart. She turned her head and was about to ask something when she took Lin Jinghuai's hand instead. "I found it. Let's go." Words fall, the figure of two people has disappeared in situ, leaving only lingering echoes. Old Fan. Jin Yao looked at her husband standing not far away, as if she had found the backbone, "Siyuan he.." Fan Chongjun came over, took her hand and comforted her, "Don't worry, Jing Huai will bring our son's soul back, certainly." He said firmly. Jin Yao heard his incomparably positive tone, carrying a slightly relaxed heart, she snuggled in her husband's arms, holding him tightly, "Yes, it will be all right." ........ "You will be punished by God for doing so!" In a deep and serene cave,Inflatable mechanical bull, suddenly came a sharp rebuke, the voice was cold but the breath was not enough, it sounded extremely weak.