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"I'm flattered by the young lady." Wang Ju Qian said, and then said, "a certain lady has got the queen, but she hasn't congratulated her yet." "Thank you, maharaja." With a wry smile, I sighed, "The prince doesn't know that my daughter was born and met with the disaster of war, which is exactly what I am worried about." "Oh?" The king stroked his beard and said, "Is the young lady worried about Jiangdong?" I nodded and said, "My concubine has been in the house every day since she gave birth. I'm really ashamed to see that my husband is too busy to share his worries." Wang Ju said with a smile, "Young madam, there is really no need to worry. In my opinion, the eldest son is sure to win in the matter of Jiangdong." My heart moved and I looked at him. "What do you mean?" "Does the young lady know about the three counties of Xin'an?" According to Wang. I nodded: "I know." "I take the liberty," said the king, "in the young lady's opinion, at that time Wu Kun was holding the young lady and her fourth son. If Liang Ren asked for a price in Henan, would the prime minister agree?" I thought about it, I am not important, if Wei An, want Wei Kui to take the whole Henan to exchange, I am afraid he will agree again heartache. When will promise. I said. "The three prefectures of Xin'an have a radius of less than a thousand Li," said Wang Ju. Madam, have you ever thought about why Liang Ren only wants this place? I shook my head. Wang Ju said slowly, "Although Henan is vast, the plain is boundless. Although Liang Ren has won a new victory, he is short of soldiers, and he is not good at fighting with chariots and horses on foot. Southern soldiers are not good at it.". Although the three counties of Xin'an are small,Alumina Ceramic C795, the mountains are dangerous and the waterways are crisscrossed. They are easy to defend and difficult to attack. This is one of them. Then he moved the three small plates of preserved fruits and snacks on the table to his face. Madam, please look. "According to Wang, the small plates are placed one by one in the shape of" goods "." Wei, Wu and Liang. " Then he put a teacup in the middle, "Xin An.". The south to the north, Jingzhou to Jiangdong, since ancient times to Xin'an is the most convenient, this is the second. I looked at those plates and cups, and I knew it in an instant. Xin'an is a thoroughfare. It is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Liang Ren gets it without a single soldier. It is indeed a good deal. More importantly, Liang Ren occupied here,ceramic bobbin heater, not only to attack the north, but also to threaten Jiangdong, for Wu Kun, is greatly bad. A plan to alienate? I was enlightened and looked at Wang Ju. It's not a alienation. According to Wang Guaner, "Liang Ren and Wu Kun, although they joined forces to repel Wang Shi, after all, they lived together in the south and had disputes over each other's borders.". Seemingly at odds with each other, how can it last long. If Liang and Wu had taken Hsinan together, Wu Kun would have been able to attack from Huaibei and Hsinan, and Henan would have been in danger. But now, if Wu Kun attacked Henan, he could only go to Huaibei. He had only to gather a large number of troops to defend Huaibei, and Henan could be protected. I have always been ignorant of the strategy of military strategists, but this time I can hear it clearly. But if Liang Ren also sent troops? I was about to ask, but before I could say it, I thought it was impossible. Two tigers fight, Liang Ren just wait to see who is defeated, cordierite c520 ,ceramic bobbin element, and then send troops from Xin'an, you can get a lot of benefits without any effort. When Wu Kun marries his sister Jingzhou, he wants to make peace with Liang Ren. I asked. Wang Ju smiled and said, "I'm afraid Lady Wu can at most get Liang Ren not to attack Jiangdong, but it's impossible for Liang Ren to send troops to help." I pondered. Is Wu Kun so impatient to see that his uncle is seriously ill? Wang Ju nodded and said, "Wu Kun is an arrogant man.". The prime minister was seriously ill, and in his eyes it was a good opportunity. I'm afraid I'm still trying to avenge the hijacking. I looked at Wang Ju and said, "In Wang Gong's opinion, can Wu Kun succeed?" Wang Ju looked at me, but did not answer. "In my humble opinion," he said with a faint smile, "it is fortunate to have the support of the eldest son in the court." When Wei Kui was in the capital, the garrison and the officials were silent. The war in Henan seemed to have happened far away, and people talked about it every day, but the market was open, singing and dancing were performed, and Yongdu, at least on the surface, did not appear as flustered as in the previous war. After half a month, the news of victory came suddenly. Wu Kun retreated to the east of the Yangtze River, and Meng Zhong pursued him all the way and captured Huaibei. This was the first victory after the great defeat of Qi Ling. When the news came, everyone was encouraged. On that day, I unexpectedly saw Wei Wei before the sun went down. "Madam," he smiled, "Ah Mi's full moon feast will be held in three days." The author has something to say: I came back late today and forgot to leave a message to tell the time. Sorry. Call for help Wei Kui was seriously ill, and the hearts of the people in the court were floating for a time, but Wei Kui was in charge of Yongdu and defeated Wu Kun, which was undoubtedly a reassuring pill.
The battle report of Luoyang soon spread all over the mansion, and after Wu Kun's defeat, he retreated all the way back to Huainan. Unexpectedly, Liang Wen mobilized the water army, suddenly attacked Jiangdong from Xin'an. Fortunately, Pei Qian reported to Huainan while leading the people in Jiangdong to resist and protect Yangzhou. Between day and night, Wu Kun was left with only Yangzhou. Finally, with the news of Pei Qian, I breathed a sigh of relief in my heart, but I didn't put it down completely. Less than a year, Jiangdong is a spent force, I don't know PeiQian stay there, how is the situation? A Mi's full moon banquet, Wei Wei invited a lot of people. Not only the Wei clan, but also the families of the important officials in the court. On the day of the invitation to drink, there were more than a hundred tables inside and outside the courtyard. When I got up in the morning, thinking of the festival, I asked Ah yuan to comb his hair into a horse bun and decorate it with a pearl step. Then I put on a newly made red dress and a plain gauze Zen dress, and looked at it in the mirror, which was bright and beautiful. But when I paid a visit to my aunt, I saw that Mrs. Guo was wearing only a dark long-lived embroidered brocade robe and a jade hairpin, so I thought I was dressed too much and wanted to go back to the courtyard to change it. Wei Wei wouldn't let me go back. For what? That's all right. He said. I couldn't say because Mrs. Kuo said, "I have too many ornaments. I'm afraid they're too heavy." "When you married me, you had more ornaments. Why didn't you think it was too heavy?" Wei Kui didn't think so. "Madam Fu is young. What's the point of dressing like an old woman?" Then he pulled me to worship God without saying anything. Wei An made a cart for Wei Kui, and on this day, he also went to the hall. Mrs. Guo accompanied him, and when guests came, they were led to the hall to see the ceremony. Although the tongue hands and feet inconvenience, Wei Kui is in good spirits today. When he met the guests, he could not speak, but he did not lose his temper and smiled. In addition to Ah Mi, Wei Kui's two youngest sons and Wei Zhi also came out and sat around,alumina c799, with a warm and loving attitude. The elders in the family could not come forward, and Wei Wei and I became the masters of the house for the first time. Wei Kui is dressed very perky today, brocade robe jade belt. I held Ah Mi in my arms and stood with him in front of the hall to welcome the guests with him.