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Wireless Bluetooth LE Module Smart Door Lock Solution

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Submitted by ztwesc on Mon, 10/12/2020 - 00:31

Wireless Bluetooth LE Module for Smart Door Lock Application

Smart door locks are applied to more and more places, Bluetooth low energy technology plays an important role, because of low power consumption, small size, and stable performance.

Bluetooth Low Energy module can be programmed via AT commands, we also refer it as BLE module (include BLE 5.1/BLE 5.0/ BLE 4.2/ BLE 4.1), our FSC-BT630 is a good choice for smart door lock, it adopts nRF52832 chipset, BLE 5.0 version, low power consumption, stable performance, supports multiple connections, and also supports master mode and slave mode simultaneously, you can click here to check FSC-BT630 BLE 5.0 module’s
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The smart door lock often used in hotels, in the application, Bluetooth modules provide the wireless connectivity to the doors, in this way, customers can use an app on their smartphone to open the door over Bluetooth.