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Window Wrapping

They can be used on both vehicles and buildings and are ideal for promotional advertising. The wraps can be either full window block outs, or perforated. Perforated window wraps are translucent to those looking from the inside of the building or vehicle.

When using this method of advertising on a vehicle, it is essential for safety to leave the front window uncovered. However the side and rear windows can be covered with perforated window wrapping. The advertising banner will also be separated into sections to allow for movement of the doors and boot.

Outdoor advertising is increasing in its effectiveness and commercial window tint is a sure way to promote your company, product, service, or anything else you wish to advertise. By using window wraps you can promote your business in a number of ways. A large and eye catching display is a head turner to all passers-by and helps you reach out to a large number of people. By advertising using window wrapping on your vehicle you can increase public awareness of your business, service or company and by this, experience expansion.

A full window block out, as a bright colourful and eye-catching display is certain to attract plenty of positive attention. However, if having light and vision from the inside of a building is an issue, a perforated window wrap will let light in, and allow you to see out clearly. It is just as effective a tool in promotional advertising.

Keeping your window wrap graphics simple and to the point is vital as passers-by have only a quick moment in which to focus on your advert. A boldly coloured display with a simple message is a sure way to attract attention.