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What's the process of manufacturing of dolls made from silicone?

Submitted by aldollsale on Sun, 01/08/2023 - 22:48

What's the process of manufacturing of dolls made from silicone? What is the process of making a mini sex doll?

1. Model preparation

To create one of the most authentic bbw sex doll you will need molds, and you require an initial model in order to open the mold. What is the definition of a base model? The base model is the exact shape of the item you're looking to make. Some makers require someone to engraving it, while other makers invert directly a person to design the mold. Naturally, the price is higher. No matter what type of mold, once you have prepared your mold apply a mold release agent on the exterior of the mold in order to aid in the release of mold in the future.

It is an oily. In general Medical petroleum jelly (MPJ) is utilized to release the agent with better results and is less expensive. If it has cut into a shape, it may be dilute using dishwashing soap as well as water to act as an agent for releasing mold. The release agent needs to be evenly applied.

2. Mold making

Given that the human body shape of the silicone doll is fairly large, an external shape is required to provide support. The first step is to add a sufficient volume of silicone gel in the hardener, and mix it thoroughly before vacuuming. Since silica gel in liquid form forms bubbles when stirring it is imperative to vacuum. The vacuum container, referred to by the name of a vacuum defoamer is needed for vacuum cleaning.

After defoaming, apply the silicone over the mold using the help of a brush. Once the entire mold has been coated in silicone, wait until it is dry, and then apply another coat once the silicone has dried. After a few minutes until the second coating of silicone gel has become semi-dry, apply gauze or glass soldering fabric on the mold's surface. Then, apply the third coating of silica gel. Let the silicone completely cure.

3. Form an exterior shape

Once the mold has completely cured and set, make use of a glass soldering cloth to apply thin layers on the exterior of the mold. Then, make use of a brush to rub the set resin on the soldering fabric. The resin will begin to soften and allow you to easily alter the contour of the mold. This way the entire mold is transformed.

4. Demould

When the resin mold has fully dried then it goes through the final process of demolding. The first step is to remove the mold using an elastomer mold to dismantle it. Then, take out the mold's core. A mold made of silicone is done, and the mold is cut. Apply the mold release agent evenly onto all sides of the mold, and then put the mold in the right location, then vacuum the silicone using the same skin tone then pour inside the mold. allow for the full curing time, then remove the doll made of silicone and finish post-processing.

The first human figure
The cheap sex doll are washed and afterward, polishing, cleaned or sprayed with makeup hair, nails, every step is taken care of. Extremely attentive, as if caring for a naked woman.