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What do I say when I get married

Old watch is married, cousin one warm heart blessing can let new people sweet matchless. So what do I say about the old cousin getting married? The following small make up for everybody to organize some old table happy new marriage blessing to share to everybody, come to see together.
What did I say when I got married
Cousin, after marriage, you can not bully cousin SAO; I hope that you use the heart of tolerance, with tolerance, care for the table sister-in-law; I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and peace.
Marriage is good, hand in hand is old; Life though elaboration but joy, in love to look for the weight; Cousin, happy marriage! A lifetime with the cousin love have good, carry on the happiness to the end.
My cousin is a treasure, and you must hide her. When someone steals you, you can never enjoy happiness. Cousin, your life of love to her, so that her life without fear, happy life!
Cousin, I have nothing to give you on the day of your big marriage. I only give you my sincere blessing, I wish you two a happy marriage life, a lifetime of love, early born a fat.
Cousin, you finally get married, here, I wish you and your wife love each other, as soon as possible born a big fat man, I wish you happy marriage! A lifetime of happiness and health.
A cup of sake, writing a happy life, a piece of dongfeng sent a happy life; Cousin, the woman is a flower, you want to know from now on to cherish sweet jade; Today is your big day and I wish you happiness in your marriage.
To love, you have walked through splendor. You're too young for marriage; The future of marriage requires hard work. Cousin, at the moment of your wedding, I wish you two will be married forever, together in love.
Cousin, a word to decide the feelings of three lives, this body decision can not be worthy of a good woman; Besides being dutiful to your parents, you can't let your cousin or sister-in-law live alone. Give birth to a chubby boy early, give new life a good color head; Cousin, I wish you a happy wedding!
Today, cousin and sister-in-law can finally get married legally; Here, I send my sincere wishes for you to care about each other, love each other, kiss me all my life.
May love be more beautiful than wine. More fragrant than ointment; Sweeter than the honey that drips from the hive; And more precious than precious treasures!
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