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What Is Caffeine Free Coffee and Why Is Everyone Talking about It?

Most people like to start their day with freshly brewed coffee. However, the stimulants present in the form of caffeine can do more harm than good to your body. Caffeine makes you wide awake and is great for concentration.Despite these benefits, coffee lovers have started switching to decaf which means coffee without caffeine.
Excessive caffeine intake leads to sleep disruption, anxiety, increased heart rate, blood pressure problems, dehydration, digestion problems and interferences with medication. Moreover, caffeine intake is also associated with addiction issues and withdrawal symptoms become a big deal in certain health conditions. For instance, caffeine is highly prohibited during pregnancy and if someone is addicted to caffeine, the only solution is decaf.
Decafcoffee is caffeine free and offers endless health benefits. Therefore, almost everyone is talking about it. Let’s discuss why you should also be talking about decaf or drinking the best decaf coffee dark roast blends.
What is decaf?
Decaf is the process to make caffeine free coffee. The coffee beans are just like regular coffee beans except the caffeine content is removed. The process of decaffeination removes 97% of the caffeine content from the coffee beans. In simple words, coffee made from decaffeinated beans will have only 103 milligrams of caffeine in an 8 ounce cup.
What are the benefits of decaf?
Decaf is not just a buzzword that is used by millennials to flex on Instagram. It is actually beneficial in multiple ways and is therefore considered suitable for people. Decaf is ideal for people with certain medical conditions. Moreover, those who have a sensitivity to caffeine can also enjoy a hot cup of joe with decaf blends.
Reduced anxiety:Jitters and restlessness are caused by the stimulating effects of caffeine. On the other hand, decaf only provides the comforting effects and rich flavor of coffee.
Improved sleep cycle: Decaf is a better option for people with insomnia. Excessive caffeine intake leads to a disrupted sleep cycle. Decaf can be enjoyed anytime of the day without worrying about sleeplessness.
Health benefits: Studies suggest that decaf lowers the risk of certain health conditions like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer.
Safe to drink: People with cardiovascular diseases cannot consume caffeine. Similarly, caffeine intakes need to be regulated during pregnancy. Decaf is a safer alternative and can be consumed in moderation by those who are worried about caffeine side effects and wonder “is there caffeine in decaf coffee?
How to buy the best decaf?
Decaf beverages are way better than your regular cups of coffee. Although, there are various methods to produce decaf. Some brands use chemical solvents to wash off the caffeine content. On the other hand, there is a widely popular decaf known as Swiss Water Processed coffee. In this process, only water is used to remove the caffeine content. Water processed decaf is 100% free from chemicals, therefore the flavor and aroma remain intact.
When buying decaf, make sure to select only water processed organic decaf. You can also browse the amazing blends by Blue Spruce Decaf Co. It is a renowned brand for 100% organic chemical free Swiss Water processed decaf blends.