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What are the top 10 goods imports into India?

Submitted by Siomex on Fri, 07/28/2023 - 00:33

India is a country that has a population of 1.3 billion people and in order to fulfil the needs of every Indian it performs activities like importing goods from other countries as well .

According to theIndia import export data in the year 2022 India imported goods that had a worth of $400 b .

This shows that India is one of the most important countries that has a big role in the import and export sector.

There were many times that India faced some downfall in the import sector which was mainly because of some changes that happened like the depreciation of Indian rupee as compared to the Us $ .

There are many goods that India imports from various countries and if you are also wondering what goods they import then you have come to the right place .

In this post we will explore the goods that India imports, the top product categories, and the trends that can be helpful .

What are the goods that India import

India is a country that relies heavily on imported goods, and the number of commodities imported to India has increased in recent yearsHere are the top 10 goods imports into India:

● Mineral fuels and oil: This is India's top import product, accounting for 21.6% of all imports in 2022.
● Gold: India is the world's second-largest gold consumer, and gold imports accounted for 5.9% of all imports .
● Product from derived from petroleum:This category includes items such as petroleum jelly and paraffin wax, and accounted for 5.8% of all imports
● coal, and coke: This category includes solid fuels made from coal, and accounted for 4.7% of all imports in 2022
● Precious stones : This category includes
● diamonds, rubies, and emeralds and accounts for 4.7% of all imports in.
● Electrical machinery and equipment : This category includes items such as telephones, sound recording devices, and automatic data processing machines, and has traditionally been one of India's main imports from China
● Machinery including computers This category includes items such as computers, tractors, and excavators, and accounted for 2.8% of all imports
● Organic chemicals: This category includes items such as antibiotics and vitamins, and accounted for 2.6% of all imports
● Plastics: This category includes items such as plastic bags and containers, and accounted for 2.2% of all imports
● Iron and steel: This category includes items such as iron ore and steel bars, and accounted for 1.9% of all imports

It is worth noting that India's imports have declined in the first quarter of 2023 and the country is more focused on manufacturing goods and exporting to the international market.


These were some of the goods that import export datafrom various countries to maintain a good economical as well as political relationship with them .

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