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What Are The Rights Of Stepparents In Child Custody Matter?

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Submitted by Binoye Jos on Mon, 07/06/2020 - 23:47

Stepparents have little judicial rights when it comes to the custody of their non-biological children after a divorce, as courts prefer to keep a child with their biological parents. Even if the stepparent is responsible for years of a child's upbringing, they still have minimal rights when it comes to seeing them. Many times, parents will agree on visitation rights for a stepparent. However, if the biological parent does not wish to do so, it can be tough to obtain visitation or custody rights.

If you are a stepparent seeking legal custody, legal adoption will be necessary. This form of adoption by a stepparent will be granted under two circumstances. The first is in the event of the death of both of a child's biological parents.

If the stepparent has a good relationship with the child and can provide them with a safe environment, they may be granted custody. They may also be able to legally adopt if they can show that the child's biological parents cannot provide the care and attention needed to raise the child.

If you would like to adopt your former stepchild legally, it is vital to adhere to these tips:

● Speak to your step child's parents to see if they would voluntarily grant you legal custody
● Speak to an adoption attorney
● Assess requisite legal fees
● File a petition

Even though it can be difficult to gain custody or visitation rights for a stepchild, it is not impossible to do so. A stepparent who is awarded legal custody of a child can make decisions that affect that stepchild's upbringing. Many stepparents find relief in making decisions about medical needs, education, religion, and other vital matters concerning the child.

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