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What are public opinion surveys? Why is it important to conduct one?

Submitted by PurviDalvi on Tue, 12/05/2023 - 02:35

Over the years, the concept of politics and government has massively evolved. Earlier, there were mainly two political parties, with one party having a stronger hold over the public. The stronger party would usually stay in power for several years. Today, the times have changed. Numerous political parties contest the elections. In addition, each party has a good chance of winning.
If you are an upcoming political leader, you should prepare a strategy for election contesting. It will enable you to strengthen your vote bank and send out a message to all that you are a force to reckon with. However, you should base your election strategy on the public opinion survey findings.
What are public opinion surveys?
Let us first discuss public opinion. In simple terms, public opinion means what the general public thinks about you. Public opinion is critical when building a brand or a political entity. If the public opinion is favourable, you stand a good chance of winning the election and vice-versa.
Public opinion surveys help you understand whether the people have a favourable opinion towards your political party. Public opinion research includes a bit of both qualitative and quantitative methods. Note that a public opinion survey will only be helpful if you ask the right questions. Hence, it's best to hire experts. Using their expertise, the professionals will curate a suitable line of questions and carry out the entire process systematically.
How are public opinion surveys helpful?

  • Helps meet the public's expectations

Think about this. How can you meet the public's expectations unless you are aware of them? A public opinion survey lets you reach out to a significant population and learn about their expectations. Typically, such surveys are conducted by professionals who know how to ask even the trickiest questions tactfully. So, you can expect nothing but the whole truth from such surveys.

  • Facilitates segmentation

Let us assume you are a mobile phone brand with an extensive offering. Every mobile phone has unique features and pricing. You think of the best possible way to market your offerings. Would it make sense to advertise the products among individuals who will most likely not buy them? You are wasting your marketing efforts and budget.
Market segmentation refers to segregating the market into various categories. It enables you to utilise your marketing budget efficiently and reach out to your customer base.
Let us consider another example. Suppose you are a political leader contesting for the upcoming legislative elections. Every area in your constituency has different demands. Given this, you cannot appeal to all voters similarly. Market segmentation helps determine the best way to appeal to each voter segment. This way, you can strengthen your vote bank and win the election.