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What all you need to know about laser hair treatment?

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Laser hair replacement therapy
Almost every day you lose about hundred hairs from your scalp. Although it is normal to lose at least hundred hairs but sometimes you may lose more than that. It may lead you to get bald even at a very young age. But it is now possible to boost your hair growth or prevent thinning of your hair by Laser hair replacement therapy. It is one of the most effective ways to treat hair problems. It is absolutely safe and quick.
Causes of hair loss
There are many reasons of losing your hair. For many people the hair grows back but for many it doesn’t. Balding or losing hair can be a hereditary problem. But the reasons may include age, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, stress and side effect of various medicines or medical treatments like chemotherapy. Even certain medical conditions such as diabetes, lupus and cancer are also responsible for the loss or thinning of the hair.
How does laser therapy work?
The low level laser therapy which is also known as cold or red light therapy irradiates the photons into the tissues of your scalp and these photons get absorbed by the weak cells which promote the growth of hair. This laser hair replacement therapy is now widely used all over the world. It is considered to be safe, less invasive and completely tolerable.
The main theory behind the laser therapy is that the low dose of laser treatments stimulates blood circulation of the scalp that again boosts the hair follicles and it promotes the growth of hair. As far as the result of Laser hair replacement therapy is concerned, it has worked for a lot of people. Various studies have also shown that low level laser therapy has appeared to be quite effective and safe for hair growth in men and women both.
Benefits of laser hair treatment
Laser hair replacement therapy has shown positive results and its effects can be seen within a few weeks. But in order to get positive results you must wait for it patiently as it will not give any result just over the night. You may get to see the results within a few weeks. Also the results depend on the number of treatments which varies from one person to another. You should always visit a professional laser hair treatment clinic for this purpose.The main benefits of laser hair treatments are as follows-

  • It is painless- This is best part of laser hair treatment. It is absolutely painless and non-invasive too. You can totally rely on this procedure without worrying about the pain factor.
  • It is safe- Laser hair treatments are not only effective but it is safe too. There are basically no side effects of laser hair replacement therapy. But you will get positive results surely.

If you want to prevent thinning of hair or loss of hair, then you may definitely consider Laser hair replacement therapy. But you must know that with any kind of treatment, there are some pros and cons that you must consider. A professional doctor can help you with this better.