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Wall Wraps: Discover the Ideal for Each Room at Affordable Prices

For those who
want to give a special touch to that corner of the house, wall wraps are quite
an ally. However, the important thing is to know each room's characteristics
and the possibilities of the product that will be applied.

Imagining the
decorated "home sweet home."Besides
protecting the wall, the vinyl wall wrap on the wall impresses the residents'
personality and is a key to the harmony of the place. The wide variety of
models and textures inspires many architects. There are no high or low
coverings, but you need to choose pieces that please your taste. Follow the
tips in this post and learn how to do it.Durable, water-resistant,
and available in several models, vinyl wall wraps can be applied in various
residential environments. Internal and external areas benefit from the
product's characteristics, which, besides pure colors, also have prints that
reproduce other materials' appearance. Now see what factors to consider when
choosing the ideal piece for each room.

Kitchen wallFor this space,
the idea is to choose a wrap that mixes resistance and functionality. Besides
the aesthetic aspect, it is necessary to consider the security that the vinyl
wrap will bring to the kitchen. As it facilitates the cleaning and maintenance
of surfaces, the product is an excellent alternative to cover areas near the
sink, countertops, and stove.

Bathroom wallIn bathrooms, the
wall wrap must offer safety and resistance to the presence of moisture. The
care with this detail should be mainly in areas like the box and the wall
behind the sink, which usually receive a lot of steam and water splashes. Even
if you don't have a shower, the toilets also deserve attention. When protecting
the walls is a priority, vinyl wall wrap counts.

Bedroom wallFor the bedroom,
the wall wrap should provide a feeling of comfort and well-being. And it must
be without neglecting the appreciation of the personality of those who sleep in
the room. An airy room worked with neutral colors can receive textures with a
detail composed of decorative pieces. Another exciting idea is to coat an
entire wall of the room with products of intense colors. Dark tones and rustic
finishes are perfect for rooms that require an intimate atmosphere.

Living roomIn the living
room, the wall wraps should
contribute to creating a cozy and functional environment. It is the most
frequented space in the house and the central meeting point for friends and
family. Be careful when decorating it with the vinyl wrap to bring people
together and delight with the result.

External areaThe walls of
external areas or facades demand durable products that are resistant to the
weather's action. Once again, vinyl wrap represents an excellent choice. And
the reason is simple – besides protecting surfaces, the product adds details
essential for a beautiful and quality finish.

ConclusionKnowing that
there are several ways to apply vinyl wraps on the wall, be sure to look for
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