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Using Numbers to Choose Between Office Chairs

The buyers of office chairs are typically advised to try different models and rate them based on comfort. However, the first impression can be a very misleading one. Furthermore, you cannot test chairs when you shop online for the purpose of scoring a lower price. For these reasons, it is best if you rely on precise numbers for making the right choice. You simply need to be aware of the optimal measurements. That way, you will know exactly what to look for when you go shopping.
Seat Height
Most office chairs have a seat that is positioned from 16 to 21 inches above the floor. Any seat height in this range will create maximum comfort for an adult of average height. If you are petite or quite tall or if you want to be able to choose the optimal position from several options, you should definitely consider a chair that comes with adjustable seat height. Many models available in the market at present have this kind of functionality so you should not expect to pay extra for it. Just make sure that the height adjustment mechanism works perfectly.
Seat Width
You will enjoy perfect comfort with a seat that is between 17 and 20 inches wide. It is a common misconception that a much wider seat will give you more comfort. If you are big, you may want to consider an extra-large model, however. Alternatively, you can go for a chair without armrests.
Seat Depth
There is a simple trick that you can use for selecting the model with ideal seat depth among the various office chairs available on the market. For optimal back support and maximum comfort, the distance between the back of your knees and the front of the seat when you are sitting has to be between 2 and 4 inches.
If you plan to shop online, you will need to do a few extra calculations to get it right. You simply need to sit on a chair so that the distance between the back of your knees and the seat is optimal and measure the distance from the front of the seat to the back of your buttocks. This is the optimal seat depth for you.
Backrest Width and Tilt
For maximum comfort, you should consider office chairs with a backrest that is around 15 to 16 inches wide. If you have less space available, you can consider a model with a narrower backrest which is around 13 inches. If you are big, you should look for a model whose backrest is 19 inches wide. When you sit down the angle between your torso and your thighs should be between 95 and 105 degrees.
Now you are bound to pick the right model among the various office chairs
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