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Top Tips to avoid common web designing mistakes

Submitted by accentuate on Wed, 01/13/2021 - 23:06

When you’re creating a web design on The Gold Coast it’s important to be aware of what your competitors are doing and the results they’re getting. This is so you know what works locally and what does not.
Some of the things you need to avoid doing for good web design on Gold Coast are:

Slow loading times
You need to design your site and content so it loads as quickly as possible as people will not tolerate slow loading speeds.
• Optimise images and content
• Remove anything that is not highly relevant
• Use only the latest fact loading plug ins and themes
• Test everything on all types of devices before going live

Not being mobile friendly
To attract your potential customers and new traffic you must be:
• Mobile friendly and scalable for all screen sizes
• Your site and content must be responsive and easy to navigate

Not being functional
Once you attract visitors, you need to have a design that encourages them to take the actions you want them to.
• Offer visitors an easy solution to their problem that makes sense and is stress free
• Be minimal and simple and provide the elements they need to make a clear choice

No clear call to action
Once you have a visitor’s attention you need to provide a clear call to action and convince them of the benefit of acting.
The whole reason for your website is to get visitors to take action, so it must be very clear and simple so they will take the action you want them to.

Not being SEO compliant
If your site or content is not Search engine optomised then you have little chance of being found by your potential audience or customers

No Analytics
You need to be able to track our sites progress and ranking position and
• Know the numbers of visitors
• The length of each visit and the areas of interest on your site

Not being relevant to titles and keywords
Your visitor’s find you mostly though keyword searches, so as soon as they land on your site they must be able to see that your offering a solution to the problem they have in relation to the phrases they used to find your site.

• Are you presenting visitors with the right information
• Is the information you present easy to find
• Is your site original and up to date
• Is your site full of relevant, high value and immediately useful information that relates directly to what you visitors are searching for
• Does your web design relate to issues found on The Gold Coast
• Are you using local SEO and Google Maps so you’re easily found
• Are you using social media buttons correctly

Web design on The Gold Coast is all about making you business findable and attractive to visitors, encourages calls to action and converting them to paying customers.