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Top Things You Should Know About Having a Cat

Getting a new addition to the family can be a wild ride. Cats, especially, have their own unique behaviors that make them excellent pets, and a joy to watch. What makes them a great addition to any home is the companionship. Most pet owners choose kittens like the idea that the cat is more 'self-sufficient' in a sense.
Cats, unlike dogs, don't require as much. While they will get all the attention they want in most households, some cats prefer to have a quiet time. As strange as some kittens can be, they really do make excellent pets and can provide you and your family with years of love and companionship. Before you take in a stray or adopt at the local animal shelter, consider these few things about pet ownership.
Taking Them To The Vet Is Important
Just like you would take your child to the doctor, you have to be prepared to visit the veterinarian throughout the course of your cat's life. You should consider taking your cat to the veterinarian Before it is one year old. Ideally, you should find the vet at around eight weeks or before they are rehomed. If you pick up a stray cat, you should almost always take it to the vet before bringing it inside. They will need treatments for worms and other pests.
If you're on a budget and find that it is impossible to care for your animals in a manner in which they need, look for help with budget assistance. Though everyone should be able to have a pet of their own, if you are unable to care for their health, it can present a problem.
Watch Out For Spraying
As cats age, they tend to develop problems with spraying. This is especially true in male cats and those that have not been spayed or neutered. Signs of spraying are easy to identify. Look for wet spots on your carpet or floor, or you could determine if it is sprayed by the smell. It's very similar to a pungent cat urine smell. 
They Need Activity Time Too
While cats generally like to be left alone, they like activity time too. While many cats will turn away from scratching posts or even rolling balls, you should consider getting your cat a few toys to play with. Though the scratching post is more for marking their territory and managing their nails, it also gives them something to do.