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Top Instagram Story Tricks For Your Business

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Submitted by MaryKyle on Wed, 07/22/2020 - 21:40

Instagram stories are growing double than Snapchat and exciting features added regularly by Instagram. These ticks are how to develop your business and keep the audience always with you and get more traffic. Some Instagram features are visible and some invisible, so let you see below guides.

How to build in portrait mode

Today many users use portrait mode features, blurring the background of photos to entirely focus on the subject if you use a DSLR camera. If you have such a smartphone, you also use this feature, but the name is different, that is Focus. Portrait mode gives a professional look for your photo and takes them to the next level. Let us see how to do it. Go to the story icon at the top left corner on Instagram, and then on the story screen, you can see the focus mode if you swipe on the modes. It’s focused on the face only, and the rest of the area will be blurred, and this post looks like a layout style.

Share Highlights

Now, we can discuss how to share highlights with friends and outside Instagram. Okay fine, I hope you already know how to add story highlights from your favorite list. Go to the story highlight, and you have two options sent to, copy link option. Select sent to option help to share your highlight through Instagram. If you want to share through another app, select the copy link option to share your highlights. If you want to spread your stories to a larger community, buy Instagram story views cheap, which can increase the number of followers for your account.

Multiple photos and videos on Instagram

Earlier, the risk of adding multiple photos, but now, One of the best options is adding many pictures and videos on Instagram. We will see how to do it, go to the story mode, and select the gallery icon; then, you can then see a small layered figure at the right top corner and tap it. It will appear on each file in the gallery view now; you can select how many photos want to upload. You can edit each photo before you tap the next option to share them.

Add a color block
Do you know the secret of how to get a solid background color post? You will do without risk, Instagram gives a natural way, but it remains hidden under the options. Go to the story mode and upload from the gallery or capture anyone and use the pen icon at the top right corner. You can see the colors at the bottom, select one color, and hold on to the image until it fills the pictures.

Add Interactive stickers on your story
Instagram introduces a variety of interactive stickers like a poll, emoji, and question sticker is a new feature to get responses from your followers directly. You can tab the sticker icon and select which sticker you want.

Turn on story notifications
Instagram has Story notifications used to see someone’s stories, and it will send a notification every time they post. Go to Instagram profile and tap three dots and select turn on story notification from the menu.

Remove the date from the old photos

You can remove the date from old photos; you already know how to add old photos from the gallery. Instagram automatically adds the date when you post an old picture, but it removes it easily. Hold the sticker and drag it to the trash icon.