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Top Five Telecom Trends for This Year

This year seems to be an exciting year for the telecoms industry with new-age technologies, new ecosystems and advanced use cases coming to the front. We’ve examined the top trends expected to propel the telecom industry in 2020. This year is expected to see a boost to the fifth generation of networks with companies across industries set to benefit from the lower latency, higher speeds and better connectivity on offer.

Of course, with 5G Technology and Internet of things (IOT) coming to the fore, telecom service providers and operators should be well positioned to offer improved capabilities and create new business opportunities. However, in this article, we delve into five other trends we expect to make an impact this year.

Get ready for OS Wars

The trade war between the US and China and the ongoing stand off has meant that Chinese homegrown OS and navigation systems are now becoming increasingly common. Huawei has launched its own open source operating system, HarmonyOS, which is expected to be available in the market by mid-2020. The Operating system has been designed initially to be compatible with IoT-powered systems. Huawei is also planning to use HarmonyOS in other smart devices such as smart watches and sensors too, once it gains acceptance.
And perhaps the biggest news in the Operating system space is coming from none other than Facebook. To reduce its dependence on android, the tech giant is developing its own OS. However, Facebook’s Oculus and Portal devices currently run on Android, it is noteworthy that Facebook seems to be going down the Apple route for more control over its own product line.

To match up with these developments and changes, the telecoms industry will be required to match up with technology and devices that are interoperable between these systems. Even the apps that will be introduced in the market, will need to be compatible with all these platforms. The largely inert OS space is expected to witness some serious action this year, as these new operating systems begin to slowly nudge the traditional giants.

AI and Automation in the telecoms industry

Innovation and development in the fields of AI and automation, were cited as a huge opportunity in last year’s telecom trends. They continue to excite us this year as well. There is a huge advancement of 5G and an increasing number of data points due to deeper penetration with IoT. This has expected to provide a huge amount of analytical data to enable much more effective Machine Learning (ML), which will enable a much more improved AI implementations.

New network infrastructure frameworks and services

The telecom world is fast embracing newer telecom infrastructure frameworks such as SD-WAN, OpenRAN and hybrid service architectures, to support the growing demand for bandwidth and efficiency and bring down latency.

Advancement In Smartphones

While the refurbished telecom equipment and service providers will get a huge boost through the rollout of 5G, companies focused on the customer facing mobile devices won’t disappoint either. Consumers the world over have a keen desire for new smartphone designs that can enhance the user experience and capitalise on the latest available technologies.Consumers will be spoilt for choice this year, be it edge-to-edge smartphones or foldable TVs.

Get Delighted with Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality will open various avenues for telecommunications equipment supplier and service providers, as well as for consumers. According to IDC, worldwide spending on Augumented and Virtual Reality is expected to reach $18.8 Billion in 2020. When coupled with Artificial intelligence, AR and VR are likely to touch areas of life that were unimaginable earlier. VR and AR will provide more collaborative platforms in social interactions, especially with remote training and meetings. is helping telecom industries to capitalize on the latest technology trends playing out in the business. Find out how our telecom equipment online can help you capitalize on latest telecom technologies.