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Tomb Piracy Notes _ Nanpai Sanshu _ txt Novel Paradise

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I immediately remembered that after the heavy rain when we came, there was a turbulent stream in the bushes. Could it be that what was recorded here was the situation when Wenjin's team entered the canyon? This is important information. Continue to listen, then the sound of water, far and near, it seems that the camera began to move again. The two tapes I watched before were like this, very boring, so I knew in my heart that I was not impatient, and I was surprised that the black glasses on one side were also watching with relish. After listening patiently for about twenty minutes, the sound of the water gradually eased down, from the kind of noise to the kind of sound that could be heard far away in the house. At the same time, the sound of several people panting appeared again. This time, it was much clearer, and it was accompanied by a sound. It felt that several people had found a place far away from the water. This place was still a relatively closed space. Then we hear the voice of the first person in the entire tape, the voice of a woman who seems exhausted and gasps: "Where is this?"? Did we go out? No one answered her. There was a lot of panting and the crash of things. The screen was black all the time. I was a little depressed, but I couldn't fast forward the sound, so I had to concentrate. For a long time after the woman spoke, the equipment was put on the ground and coughed and sighed. It was a long time before another man spoke. Instead of answering him, he asked another man, "Do you have any more cigarettes?" This voice is very far away, similar to the background sound, if you do not listen carefully, you can not understand, what impressed me is that this person's voice,tannic acid astringent, with a southern Fujian accent. Again, no one answered him, and we didn't know if he wanted a cigarette, but then we heard a loud sound of metal falling to the ground, and then the man begging for a cigarette scolded, "Be careful.". Then there was silence, as if the camera had moved outside, or the person holding the camera had returned to the vicinity of the turbulent water,lutein eye complex, and the sound of the water was loud again, but in a few minutes, it came back. "Where are we going?" Asked the voice who had been begging for cigarettes. No one answered him, everything was the same, the progress bar jumped back bit by bit, and the screen was black all the time. I watched patiently, time passed by minute by minute, slowly, even I felt impatient. Just when I couldn't help but want to pull the progress bar back a little, one side of the black eye pressed my hand. My heart is strange, the heart says what he is doing, suddenly came out of the loudspeaker more coherent words, it is a person with a very strong northwest accent, he seemed to be startled, shouted: "Listen, there is a voice, rosmarinic acid supplement ,best green coffee bean extract, those things are coming again!"! Then there was a commotion, and then the man with the Minnan accent whispered, "Don't make any noise!"! These people seem to be well-trained, the accent fell, the whole speaker suddenly a silence, all the voices disappeared in the background of the sound of water, this quiet down, I heard the sound of water, as expected, there is a strange sound, but mixed with the water sound, simply can not hear clearly. My nerves suddenly tightened and I hurried to the side of the speaker, feeling that I must have heard the strange sound somewhere. Sure enough, the voice from far to near, I feel more and more familiar, listening, my body can not help but start shaking. There was a hair that made my hair explode straight out of my pores. I remember what that sound is. This is the sound of the horn in the depths of the underground canyon before the stuffy oil bottle enters the bronze door. After "Snake Marsh Ghost Town", please continue to read the ninth volume of "Enigma Sea Homing". ww w . xia oshu m Volume 8 Enigma Sea Homing Chapter 1 Assembly Number { t } { xt } { Xiao } { Shuo } { Tian } { Tang I listened to the whole body cold: absolutely can not be wrong. This is the sound of the trumpet before the bronze door opens. The strange experience at that time, only I and the fat man saw it with my own eyes, and now I remember it vividly, and after listening to it several times, I remember it completely, no doubt.
The first two tapes were very strange, and I was prepared for it. My nerves were enough to cope with it. After calming down a little, I got rid of the horror and sighed in my heart. It is possible that this tape was taken by Wen Jin at the bronze gate at the bottom of Changbai Mountain. And by the sound, they could be going to the end of the underground canyon, or even, they could be inside the bronze door. With a few words of dialogue, I can almost imagine the situation at that time. When the horn sounded, the horse-faced monsters must have appeared. The people in the videotape seemed to be very taboo about these things and immediately shut up and hide. Besides, from the tone, they should have met more than once. This is another fragment of clues, so it seems that what happened to me and Fatty should not be a special case, and it will never be our illusion at that time. But for the time being, I don't know where to put this piece together. As I continued to listen, the horn sounded for a while and then gradually subsided. The horn was full of water. I looked forward to what would happen after that, but I found that the bar of the player was nearing the end, and there seemed to be little content behind it. I listened patiently, otherwise, a few minutes later the tape was over, the screen was still dark, nothing, as the third uncle said, nothing could be seen. I listened again, carefully looking for new clues, for fear that there is a trace of omission, but there is no new harvest, I believe that the third uncle's character, must also be studied very carefully, he said that there will certainly not be. I have a headache when I close my notebook. It seems that it is impossible to find any clues from this video tape. Presumably when Wen Jin sent these tapes, he did not think about what would happen to the people who watched the tapes. These contents may not be the main ones. One side of the black glasses looked at me,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, very helpless smile, patted me on the shoulder, got up and sat opposite me.