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Things You Need to Know About Theives Oil

Essential oils have been a part of the medical industry for a long time and for good reason. There are a wide variety of essential oils, each with different benefits. However, out of the many thieves oil is one of the more popular choices. Nevertheless, if you are new to this industry, you might be wondering exactly what is thieves oil. Thieves oil is not a specific essential oil, instead is a combination of a few different ones. The ingredients in thieves oil include:

Cinnamon: This is made from leaves, bark or twigs of cinnamon trees.
Lemon: This gets extracted from a lemon fruits, rinds, Citrus Limon.
Clove: This essential oil is made from yet-to-develop flower buds you can find on the Eugenia Caryophyllata species of the clove tree.
Eucalyptus: This is derived from Eucalyptus plant leaves, predominantly found in
Rosemary: Known as Rosmarinus officinalis, this essence oil is derived from the rosemary herb.
These are some common ingredients you can find in thieves essential oils. While the most common reasons by using theives oil is its ability to enhance immune functions and fight infections. However, there are a lot of other reasons why one might want to use thieves oil. Here are some of the common benefits of the using thieves oil.

What are some advantages of using thieves oil?

Theives oil has been a prospect of research for quite a while in the scientific community and advertised to help:

Boost your immune system
With antimicrobial activity
Promote cardiovascular and respirator health
Fight sinus and nasal congestion
Uplift or energise your mood
How to make Thieves oil?

If you are looking to make your own theives essence oil, you can try it at home as the measurements are rather straightforward. Firstly, you will need 35 drops of lemon essnce, 40 drop of clove bud essence, 15 drop of eucalyptus oil, 10 of rosemary and 20 drop of cinnamon bark oil. Once you have gathered all of this is the right amounts, you need to mix all of them and store it is a dark-coloured glass bottle.

This solution will most likely be very concentrated. This is why remember to dilute it before you use it. You can also try to make your own blend by adding or alternating other essential oils in place of these. However, mind you, you might not get the same benefits with other blends.

Doing this will also require a lot of effort, research and time. It is best to choose a reputed store to ensure you are get high-quality products. This way you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth. In addition, also reading customer reviews can tell you a lot about the product and customer service of the company.

How to use thieves oil?

There are a number of ways you can use thieves oil, some of the common ones being:

In diffusers for aromatherapy
For steam inhalation
Use in massages
Use with creams and lotions
With this information you can make the best buy.

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