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TD The TD is looking at me as the producer.

World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 The Tomb of Sargeras has been in beta for a couple of weeks since then, and the team working on development continues to improve this experience (a batch of fixes was released last week) One thing remains: It is the biggest update that isn't expansion-related for Blizzard's MMO.

Prior to 7.2 launch We spoke with Travis Day (senior producer), Ryan WOTLK Gold Shwayder (senior designer and content supervisor) and Morgan Day (senior designer as also Dungeon and Raid design lead) Both of them spoke on their expectations for the Tomb of Sargeras as well as the creation of games content.

P2Pah: You must've been working really for a while to get this one out the out the.

Travis Day: Things are extremely smooth at the moment. We're feeling really good and we're at a good point from a production perspective. I began the initial planning for this , and the entire update schedule of Legion in the month of February, or March...Part of our work is to get things scheduled early so that we are able to meet the timeframe we've been working to achieve in order to release the content. This is so that we can stay clear of any sort of crazy crunches or other similar like that.

I've spoken to the team before about this and it seems like you are able to keep up with this insane amount of content without destroying yourself and your entire team. How do you manage to keep this pace going?

TD The TD is looking at me as the producer. It's several different ways we've grown the team in the past, which means that the team keeps getting larger, which means it's capable of being able to provide more content. Another thing we've been working on is focusing on improving our abilities and improving the way we arrange these patches and the way we design for these patches.

The team is becoming more efficient, and the team is getting bigger. However, with a game like buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold WoW we have been involved in console games in the past, and there's everything that's leading to launch and then there's the big launch and the entire team decides what's next.