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Taoist priests in Jin Yong's world

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Xiao Yuesheng could not help smiling bitterly. As the saying goes, a loving mother is a loser. The master's heart is too soft, and his cold temperament can only calm people for a while. For his disciples, it is really difficult to achieve a combination of leniency and strictness. ×××××××××××××××× Li Ruoyun and Bei Jinyi left Dasheng Town after a short rest. Go to Emei Sect. Along the way, there was no trouble. I was in the territory of Emei. Abbess Miejie was so famous that she shocked Xiao Xiao in the territory. When I saw the disciples of the Emei Sect, they all fled after hearing the news. How could they bring about their own death?! The four of them were not good at martial arts. Fortunately, they had horses instead of walking. They showed great talent and soon learned to ride horses. They galloped and galloped excitedly. But at the foot of Mount Emei, when they had to walk up the mountain, they suffered a lot. The Golden Summit of Emei was not as free as a small hillside. Even with their strong bodies, they were so tired that they panted and sweated profusely. Abbess Miejie sat upright in the main hall, which was far more powerful than the pavilions of the Shuiyun Sect. The strength of the project was enough to show the strength of the Emei Sect. Abbess Miejie sat in the hall with extraordinary momentum, giving birth to a kind of dignified bearing for no reason. In addition, her eyes were as cold as cold electricity, which made people unable to raise their heads. Li Ruoyun and Lin Xiaoqing came forward to pay their respects and respectfully presented Xiao Yuesheng's letter. Xiao Yuesheng wrote two letters, one to the Seven Heroes of Wudang, and the other to Abbess Miejie. They were nothing but polite words. They wanted her to help them recommend Xiao and Mo to the Seven Heroes of Wudang and become local disciples of Wu. After reading Xiao Yuesheng's letter, Abbess Miejue hesitated and nodded. She asked Xiao and Mo to come in and see them to decide whether to introduce them. If some people were dull, she would rather refuse than let them lose face. When the four of them entered the temple, their sweat had not disappeared when they climbed the mountain, and their faces were ruddy. They were not surprised to see the appearance of Abbess Miejie. As beggars, the faces they saw were even colder than Abbess Miejie. Seeing that they could still look calm in their cold eyes, Abbess Miejue nodded in the dark and was somewhat satisfied. They had beautiful features, and their eyes were full of wisdom. Obviously, they were all superior talents that could be made. This Xiao Nanqiu was not an empty talker. These four teenagers were sent to the Wudang Sect. They were afraid that they would not only accept them,asrs warehouse, but also be grateful to themselves. If he were not a man, the Emei Sect would be under his command. Master, I don't know. Bei Jinyi sat below and saw the master's eyes twinkling. She couldn't help worrying and asked eagerly. Uh All right, I'll write a letter. Jin Yi, you and Zhi Ruo will send it to Wudang. Send the letter to Master Song. Let him decide. Abbess Miejue nodded coldly and faintly, so that Bei Jinyi finally put down the huge stone in her heart, relaxed all over, and was in a hurry. They were not in a hurry to leave, but stayed in the Emei Sect for two days, so that the four of them could see the scenery of the Emei Sect, and then set off again for Wudang Mountain. On this day, they entered the territory of Hubei. Although Xiao Mo did not know martial arts, their bodies were getting stronger and stronger, heavy duty cantilever racks ,industrial racking systems, and they were not tired by riding horses for days. Along the way, they are not only on the road, by the way to play, Xiao Mo they opened their eyes, even Li Ruoyun and Lin Xiaoqing also feel that reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles. By the way, they also occasionally help the weak. Chivalrous, send some of the younger generation, mostly by Zhou Zhiruo hand, Bei Jinyi just in the side of the array, exercise their younger martial sister, this practice of training disciples, is inherited from the extinction of Abbess. Wenxin hand typing group hhhxxxhhh hand typing, for trial reading only! Reprint please indicate the source, at the same time please support the original! Zhou Zhiruo has a long history with Wudang Sect, and she has some concerns in her heart. She always wants to go back to Wudang to have a look. Abbess Miejie also wants her to practice more. So he asked her to accompany Elder Martial Sister Bei Jinyi. See Zhou Zhiruo show great power. Xiao Mo's eyes were so hot that they were so envious that they wished they could become her.
He is highly skilled in martial arts and is majestic. He is more eager to practice martial arts in Wudang. As the sun sets in the west, the rosy clouds dye the sky and paint a layer of soft red between heaven and earth. In the vast mountains and forests, a rapid hoofbeat sounds, like a storm, from far to near. Suddenly the horses whinned and they stopped in front of a high gorge. Sister Bei, if there is a war, this canyon is a good place to ambush! Lin Xiaoqing, dressed in a lavender shirt, rode on the back of a steed, and pointed to the valley in front of her with a delicate soft whip. In a canyon in front of everyone, the road is narrow. On both sides, there are dense tall grass and rocks, which are very suitable for Tibetans. Yes, but it's a pity that the canyon is too short to hide many people! Bei Jinyi reined in the reins, looked ahead, and laughed. She had been to the Wudang Sect. Although she didn't know the name of this very short canyon, she was no stranger to it. When a group of people passed by, she had carefully explored it with the elder martial sisters. Younger Martial Sister and I are in the front, and Sister Li and Sister Lin are in the back. How about letting Xiao Mo be in the middle? Although can not hide many people, but Bei Jinyi is still careful, the ambush in the martial arts world, can not be compared to the army, need a large group of people. That's very good! Dressed in white, Li Ruoyun nodded faintly and looked at the canyon under the sunset. She frowned. What's the matter, Elder Martial Sister? When Lin Xiaoqing saw Elder Martial Sister's unusual expression, she couldn't help asking. Li Ruoyun's bright eyes suddenly shone in all directions,warehousing storage solutions, as if the surface of the lake was suddenly illuminated by the noon sun, which made people unable to look directly at it, and constantly swept to the canyon. There seems to be someone! Li Ruoyun frowned and said slowly. Someone is here Bei Jinyi and Lin Xiaoqing looked at Li Ruoyun with one voice. I felt the hostility in front of me. Someone should be hiding in it! Li Ruoyun looked back at the two men and said lightly.