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Taoist priests in Jin Yong's world

"White-headed Fairy Weng Bu Shen?!" Xiao Yuesheng raised his eyebrows, and the green shirt on his body was windless and automatic, and his tone cooled down. "Do you know the White-headed Immortal, sir?" Lin Pingzhi asked. Xiao Yuesheng nodded and said with a sneer, "As one of the thirteen Taibao of the Songshan Sect, this man naturally wants Zuo Lengchan to take revenge." "How dare you provoke Yilin? You've overreached yourself!" Xiao Yuesheng gave a sneer. The three of them nodded. In Guanyun Villa, they had learned from Yi Lin and seen her martial arts. Mr. Shaw, you've stirred up a hornet's nest this time. Linghu Chong ha ha laughed, muddy in surprise. Zuo Lengchan can be killed by him, not to mention the rest of the Songshan Sect, but although these people can not kill him, but also annoying. It seems that I will go to the Songshan Sect in person! Xiao Yuesheng stroked his moustache and said thoughtfully. The three of them were startled and looked at him. Although he was highly skilled in martial arts, it was not wise to go to the Songshan Sect. I'll go in a couple of days. Xiao Yuesheng said in a deep voice, blocking back the words of the three men. "If you have time, you might as well watch the fun together," he said with a smile. Three people immediately looked at each other, wry smile speechless, but can not help but palpitate. Chapter 400 success. Yi Lin and her party went back. ~~.~~ The moonlight is so clear that you can't see clearly around you, but you can see the outline around you, so you won't get lost. They were silent all the way. Abbess Dingyi strode like a meteor, her robe fluttering, and the beads in her hands moving gently, with a thoughtful expression. Yi Lin's feet fluttered, as if she had not touched the ground, walking on the surface of the water,plastic pallet supplier, dignified and refined, bright eyes slightly closed, leaving only a gap, thin tender lips open, lightly spitting scriptures. She read the scriptures very quickly, but the words were perfect, and every word was as full as a bead, which was easy to spit out and listen to, which made people calm. Abbess Dingyi glanced at her and sighed in her heart,plastic pallet supplier, "This disciple is great now. He has been created by his eldest brother. He has been trained in martial arts. I'm afraid he is far more than the three of him, and also more than the height of the patriarch of the past Dynasties.". Several people quickly returned to the inn. They went directly to Zheng E's room, where Yi and Abbess were quietly watching Zheng E at her bedside. Three people approached, Zheng calyx's face pale, quietly sleeping, like a sleeping beauty, moving and quiet posture. When Abbess Dingyi saw her appearance, her face was gloomy. She was extremely protective of her shortcomings. When she saw that her disciple was injured, she was more angry than she was injured. Just now I felt sorry for the white-headed immortal, but now I just feel happy. I dare to hurt my disciple, and I deserve to die! "Master," said Yi Lin softly, "Elder Martial Sister Zheng's wound is not serious. I'll come." Abbess Dingyi nodded. She had no good way to heal the wound, only the secret wound medicine of Hengshan Sect, which was much stronger than that of ordinary people in Wulin. But she knew that the secret elixir she had sent was better than Xiao Yihan. But the difference is a million miles, can not be compared. Yi Lin came forward, one hand raised his hand, stackable plastic pallets ,heavy duty plastic pallet, the other white jade like a small hand pressed into the chest of Zheng calyx, slightly closed his eyes, a faint breath of the past. After a while, Yi Lin slowly stopped. He closed his eyes slightly, put his hands together, and stood there motionless, as if he had turned into a statue. Yi Lin's breath is long and slow, like a filament, slowly drilling out and back. It's endless, like a thread of silk. "Well.." Groans sounded, Zheng calyx slender eyelashes trembled a few times. He opened his eyes and looked at the crowd beside the couch. Master..! "Zheng sat up and startled himself." Calyx, sit down. Don't be too polite. Abbess Dingyi waved her hand and said in a gentle voice. Zheng E sat leaning against the head of the bed, looking somewhat embarrassed. When Abbess Dingyi saw her like this, she opened her mouth and said, "I can't blame you for this. It was these people who deliberately attacked us." "Why, Master?" Zheng calyx tilted his head and asked, blinking his bright eyes twice. Abbess Dingyi hummed, "It's not because of Zuo Lengchan's death.". They are incompetent in the Songshan Sect. Not daring to seek revenge from Brother Yi Lin, he vented his anger on our Hengshan Sect! When she said that. The anger in my heart rushed up, and the Songshan Sect bullied people too much. Looking for a soft persimmon, is Hengshan Pie a soft persimmon?! Seeing her lips tightly pursed and her eyebrows raised, Zheng E knew very well that she was furious and dared not ask again. She just said "oh" lightly and said no more.
"You must practice hard and don't be looked down upon!" Master Dingyi gave them a horizontal look and snorted heavily. Yes, Master. Yi and Abbess answered one after another. Abbess Dingyi turned to Yi Lin and said in all earnestness, "Yi Lin, you, the Headmaster, should not only manage the affairs of the school, but also urge them to practice and support the door of our Hengshan School!" "Yes, master, the disciple understands." Yi Lin said with a soft tone. Then Abbess Dingyi nodded and heaved a sigh of relief. "Calyx, her wound doesn't matter, does it?" Yi Lin nodded and said, "Don't worry, Master. Elder Martial Sister Zheng didn't hurt her vital part. She will recover after six or seven days of convalescence." "That's good, that's good." Abbess Dingyi nodded and touched the beads. "Go your own ways. I'll stay here." "Master, please go and have a rest. My disciple will accompany Elder Martial Sister Zheng." Yi Lin hurriedly said. Zheng E also quickly nodded: "Yes, master, you old man go to rest, let the headmaster sister accompany me." Abbess Dingyi glanced at the two of them. Seeing their earnest expressions, she nodded, "Well, then Yi Lin is here." So they went out one after another, still angry in their hearts. They were very angry about the actions of the Songshan Sect, and they had already had the idea of revenge. Early in the morning, the top of the Jade Lady Peak of Huashan Mountain. Xiao Yuesheng sat upright in a blue shirt, looking solemn, and the mountain wind was so strong that his clothes fluttered. He sat upright and did not move, as if he had turned into a stone. Heaven and earth are clear, and the dawn has not faded. Before the sun came out, the surrounding world was shrouded in a thin layer of anger. Looking from the foot of the mountain, the Jade Lady Peak rises from the sky, plunges into the sky, is covered by a group of white clouds, the peak has disappeared, can not see him. Suddenly. As soon as the sky and the earth brightened,collapsible bulk container, the golden light pierced the clouds and poured down, shining up and down Huashan Mountain. The whole Huashan Mountain was illuminated, and the whole body turned golden.